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Speech-Language Pathology Clinic

The Speech-Language Pathology Clinic at Widener University offers evidence-based, pro bono diagnostic and therapy services to underserved members of the community, while offering on-campus clinical training experience to our graduate clinicians in speech-language pathology. 

Student Interprofessional Care Experiences

Focusing your clinical service delivery to one program and population at a time will allow you to gain depth of experience, and receive specialized training from clinical supervisors with specialization in that particular area of service. Each semester, you will rotate through a new clinical program, to guarantee breadth of experience as well.

The Speech-Language Pathology Clinic is an affiliate of the Chester Community Clinic, a student-run, pro-bono clinic offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, clinical psychology, and social work services to uninsured and underinsured members of the community. As a graduate clinician in the SLP Clinic, you will have the opportunity to work closely and collaboratively with your peers across the health professions to develop comprehensive, holistic, interdisciplinary plans of care.

Client Information

The Speech-Language Pathology Clinic offers pro bono clinical services to underserved members of the Chester, PA community. There is no fee for services. As there is no fee, we do not accept insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.

The Speech-Language Pathology Clinic opened its doors to the Chester, PA, community in Fall 2021. To schedule an appointment or for more information about clinic services, please visit our website or email us at slpclinic@widener.edu.

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