Chemical Engineering Labs & Equipment

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Unit Operations Lab: KH 129/131

unit operations lab

The two Unit Operations Laboratories of Chemical Engineering house the equipment and facilities for instructional purposes. Several state-of-the-art equipment that are situated in these two labs are employed to demonstrate the principles of fluid flow, rheology, heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction engineering. Majority of the equipment is supported by a computerized data acquisition system for recording and data analysis.  


NanoPorous Materials Lab: KH 142

nanopourous lab

Nanoporous Materials Lab houses several modern equipment that are capable of performing research on synthesis and characterization of nanoporous materials along with their applications in water purification, carbon capture, gas separation and critical materials recovery. 



NanoBio Lab: KH 132

Nano Bio lab

The NanoBio Lab houses several state-of-the-art equipment that are employed to perform research on drug discovery and Alzheimer’s disease. The research labs are used to support both research and senior projects.

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