President's Message: Response to the Jan. 6 Attack on the U.S. Capitol

Julie E. Wollman
Bown Garden behind Old Main with American and Widener flags

Dear Members of the Widener Community,
The shocking attack in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday was both deeply sad and deeply frightening. It was an attack on our democracy and on the unifying values we hold dear, regardless of our political stance. These values have defined our way of life for nearly 250 years: a respect for the rule of law and the freedom to elect leaders who serve through a peaceful transition of power.
As we begin to process the abhorrent events of this day, and think about how our nation will move forward, there is hope and reassurance in Widener’s values. You are part of a community that values respect, integrity, excellence, and a commitment to service. These are principles that make our university stronger. They make our community stronger. And they are the kinds of principles that make the world stronger.
Our Widener community must courageously and emphatically rededicate itself to seeking common ground, to engaging in civil dialogue and nonviolent protest, to seeking peace and justice, and to respecting one another and the laws of our democracy. We’re all citizens of a world seeking to create better futures.
And, We’re All Widener.
Let us lift up and exemplify our values as we serve our communities, our nation and our world,

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