Michele Angello, PhD

Michele Angello, PhD

  • Associate Adjunct Professor

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Michele Angelo, Ph.D has extensive experience working with people who identify as transgender, gender-variant, genderqueer or a variety of other self-identifications that don't quite fit the societal gender restrictions. She works with individuals (youth and adult), couples, families, churches, schools, and the workplace. An important part of her work is holding to the intention to always remain respectful of where the client is on his or her path.

While the majority of her clients are transgender, Michele also works with people who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer and questioning. Her approach is holistic and strengths-based. Michele’s Ph.D. is in Human Sexuality and her specialization is in transgender identity as well as coming out as GLB or Q. In addition to her private practice, Michele’s practice also provides a meeting place for a national transgender support group (Renaissance Transgender Association) that meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month. She facilitates support groups for trans-youth, MTF transsexual adults, and parents of trans-youth.