Po-Yen Wang

Po-Yen Wang, PhD

  • Associate Teaching Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Civil Engineering (2015)
    University of Delaware (DE)
  • MS, Civil Engineering (2015)
    University of Delaware (DE)
  • MS, Nuclear Science (2004)
    National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan)
  • BS, Environmental Science (2002)
    Tunghai University (Taiwan)

About Me

I studied environmental science and nuclear science in Taiwan at Tunghai University and National Tsing Hua University for my BS and MS degrees respectively. Then, trying to expand my knowledge and understanding of pollutants in the environment, I further pursued my studies at the University of Delaware where I investigated various methods to test and separate perchlorate and received an MS in civil engineering and a PhD in civil engineering. 

While my PhD dissertation focused on water purification and membrane technology, my teaching interests include a wide variety of environmental engineering subjects such as fluid mechanics, water resources, wastewater treatment, sustainability, air pollution, and any related laboratory classes. Over the past couple years, I have taught at the University of Delaware and Widener University. My two primary goals of teaching are: (1) to engage students in the learning process of gathering information, asking questions, and seeking new answers, and (2) to introduce students to the very exciting and relevant field of environmental engineering. 

Research Interests

My research interests lie in the fields of analytical chemistry, environmental chemistry, membrane technology, and electrochemistry. In particular, I am interested in (1) developing methods for analysis of pollutants; (2) exploring the fate of the pollutants during natural processes and anthropogenic activities; (3) synthesizing functional membranes for the separation and purification of water; and (4) using catalytic electrochemical reactions as a sustainable technique for degradation of pollutants in the aquatic environment. 

While most of my research has used electro-chemical processes, I am also interested in using other techniques such as nanotechnology and am open to interdepartmental collaborations.  I hope to involve students in the research process.


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