Dining on Campus FAQs

Dining Facilities & Accommodations FAQs

There are lots of places to eat on campus. To view all dining locations, hours of operations, and menus, visit widener.campusdish.com.

At the Pride Café, students have the ability to choose from a variety of freshly prepared, made-to-order options. Whether you decide on hot pizza out of our wood-burning oven, fresh rotisserie meats, or chef-prepared meals, you will truly be in for a culinary adventure. 

Pride Café’s True Balance station features menu items that are free from the seven most common food allergens. Please contact campusdining@widener.edu to set-up an appointment with the dining services team.

In addition to the Pride Café, there are many other eating establishments on campus to satisfy your wildest cravings. Check out Moe’s Southwest Grill and Einstein Bagels in Harris Hall, Bento Sushi and Tenders, Love & Chicken in MacMorland Food Court, Starbucks in University Center, and Freshens in Freedom Hall. For a complete list of up-to-date hours of operation, please visit  https://widener.campusdish.com/LocationsAndMenus.

Meal Plan FAQs

Meal Plan Options

Dining on campus isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we’ve designed meal plans to fit every appetite.

On-Campus Residential Students 

  • Freshmen and sophomores that live in residence halls, including those in Metropolitan and Harris Hall apartments, must purchase one of the three Weekly 19 Meal Plans, which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner on weekdays and brunch and dinner on weekends.
  • Sophomores living in Metropolitan or Harris Hall apartments with full kitchens can purchase any of the Weekly 19 Meal Plans or the Weekday 15 Meal Plan.
  • Sophomores living in spaces without full kitchens can purchase any of the Weekly 19 Meal Plans.
  • Juniors and seniors living on campus may select any meal plan, including block plans, or may opt out of selecting a meal plan.
  • Block plans are only available to commuters, juniors, and seniors.
  • Students with a Weekly 19 or Weekday 15 Meal Plan may use two meal equivalencies per day (one meal equivalency per meal period).

Block meal plans must be used in the semester in which they are purchased. Meals and dining dollars purchased through block plans do not carry forward to the next term.

View On-Campus/Residential Meal Plan Options

Commuter & Off-Campus Students

Commuters and off-campus students are offered a select group of meal plans specifically tailored with flexibility in mind.

View Commuter & Off-Campus Student Meal Plan Options 

Understanding PRIDE Bucks, Dining Dollars & Meal Exchanges

Students who purchase a meal plan must present their student ID card—the Campus1Card— upon entering the Pride Café. Students who do not have their Campus1Card with them in person must find their card, or can use cash, credit, or debit to gain access. 

Students who are not on a meal plan can use Pride Bucks, cash, or credit/debit to gain access to the Pride Café. Dining dollars cannot be used without purchasing a meal plan, and are different from Pride Bucks. 


PRIDE Bucks is a debit-like account linked to your Campus1Card. You can use your PRIDE Bucks funds to pay for meals at any Food Service location including UNO’s Pizzeria & Grill. 

  • PRIDE Bucks CAN be used at Uno Pizzeria & Grill and are accepted as payment for food and drinks (non-alcoholic only).
  • Log onto the Campus1Card Center and select "GET Places" to view a list of local establishments that accept Pride Bucks. 

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are the additional money that comes with your chosen meal plan. They can only be used at on-campus food service locations. 

  • Dining Dollars CANNOT be used at Uno Pizzeria & Grill.

Meal Exchanges  

Certain meal plans allow you to use a meal “swipe” at locations other than the Pride Café. We consider these transactions “meal exchanges”. 

Weekly meal plans include two meal exchange opportunities per day, which are meals that can be had at any on-campus food service location outside of the Pride Café. You can only use one meal exchange during a meal period (lunch and dinner). Once the two meal exchanges are used, the meal exchange usage is blocked until the next day and Pride Café entrance is blocked until the next meal period begins. If you do not have any meal exchanges left for the day, you will need to use either Dining Dollars or Pride Bucks (if applicable). Students can also choose to pay for the extra meals by cash or credit card.

Block meal plans allow users to use their meals however they want at Uno’s and other retail food service location per day during the stated meal exchange periods. They may use any amount of meals in the Pride Cafe. 

Log onto the Campus1Card Center using your Widener login to review your meal plan balance and recent transactions, as well as add PRIDE Bucks to your account.