President's Message: Our Commitment to Student Success

Julie Wollman President's Message
President Julie E. Wollman and President’s Award winner Iman Elkhashab celebrate at Widener University’s commencement.

It was an inspiring weekend celebrating the hard work and commitment of nearly 1,300 graduates at commencement ceremonies for Widener’s three campuses. Each journey to the stage was paved with years of study, dedication, mentorship, and career-building experiences — the tools our graduates will call upon as they set out to make a difference in their professions and in their communities.

A Widener degree has greater value because of the many opportunities we provide students to do research with their professors, to build connections and skills through co-ops and internships, and to develop relationships with mentors. We are committed to the professional and personal success of every student —  President Julie E. Wollman

President’s Award winner Iman Elkhashab spoke eloquently and powerfully at the main campus commencement, delivering remarks that underscored this commitment. Iman learned about research opportunities as a freshman and seized the chance to get into Widener’s labs and conduct research with faculty. She graduated with a resume full of research experiences, but also leadership and service opportunities that have positioned her well. As important, she graduated with two majors—French and Biology—a model for the power of blending the humanities and sciences to better prepare for all aspects of her future as a physician focused on global health. When she talks about her Widener years, she reflects upon the impactful hands-on opportunities she had, and how they outshined the experiences her friends had at other institutions.

President's Message Julie Wollman
President Julie E. Wollman congratulates the graduates at The Mann Center on May 17.

Iman’s experience is but one example that when Widener graduates earn their degrees, they also have honed an undeniable edge. It is an advantage that you – our faculty and staff— provide. We call it the "inside track" and it resonates because it's true. Your efforts are accelerating our students’ careers and helping them excel at further studies.

Our community’s commitment to individual student success is possible only because each of you embody that commitment. For that I am enormously grateful. This is not always easy work but it is our constant, as graduates like Iman take what they have learned at Widener out into the world, and new students full of potential arrive eager to grow from all we offer.

Thank you for your dedication and pride in your work!


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