Widener Team Prepares for Collegiate Leadership Competition

Widener Team Prepares for Collegiate Leadership Competition
Students gathered at Lathem Hall to compete for a position on the team representing Widener at the Collegiate Leadership Competition.

Right now there are six students on Widener’s main campus working out weekly preparing to represent the university in a Mid-Atlantic regional competition. They aren’t lifting weights or running laps to get ready, but they are stretching their leadership muscles.

The Widener team will be competing at the Collegiate Leadership Competition in April. The event is held over three weekends in the spring at six sites around the United States and in Canada. The Widener team, organized through the Oskin Leadership Institute, will compete in Newark, Delaware.

I think Widener is a great school and to get the chance to represent it would be exciting — sophomore Natalie Weaver

Weaver was speaking during the team tryout this month – an evening of rigorous activities where students were judged on their abilities to problem solve, delegate, and communicate. They participated in four challenges that tested their mental tenacity too, like building a pyramid out of plastic cups using just string and rubber bands to move the cups, and forming giant triangles out of rope, while blindfolded.

“I came here to find out more about myself and where I fit into a team setting,” junior Austin Marks, a business major, said. He too made the team. “I feel this would be a great experience for me to get to the next level in life,” he said.

Students in the competition will be judged on their leadership knowledge, including their understanding of 13 core leadership concepts. The bulk of their scores will depend on their performance in leadership scenarios that test their ability to lead under the stress of a deadline or other challenge.

The team is working with two coaches who are second-year graduate students in the PsyD/MBA joint degree program who have taken leadership courses taught by Associate Professor Hal Shorey, director of the Oskin Leadership Institute. Coach Ariana Hayes said she hopes team members develop as leaders, build friendships and make networking connections.

“I hope they come out of this knowing they can be a leader, but also when to step back when a situation calls for that,” she said.

Help Widener congratulate the team members and wish them well before the competition. They include

  • Arianna McRae
  • Natalie Weaver
  • Connor Pandolfo
  • Eliza Meals
  • Jc Lamkin
  • Austin Marks
  • Coaches Davida Vogel and Ariana Hayes

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