Dipendu Saha
School of Engineering

Outstanding Researcher Award Goes to Engineering Associate Professor

School of Engineering Associate Professor Dipendu Saha has received the university's Outstanding Researcher Award. It recognizes a faculty member who has exhibited distinction in scholarly work and has made a significant contribution through research to advance the profession or discipline and the university’s mission.

Saha has an outstanding record of research within the environmental and sustainability sectors and is recognized for his investigations into novel engineering materials and processes. Saha has proven himself to be an outstanding mentor to the undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering students.  At Widener University, he co-published with 8 graduate students and 20 undergraduate students. So far, Saha has published around 70 peer-reviewed journal articles and 45 conference presentations. He has been successful in making collaborations and collaborative publications with several researchers and professors both nationally and internationally. Saha also serves as a peer-reviewer of several scientific journals and expert reviewer of research proposals from America, Europe and Asia. 

Share link: https://www.widener.edu/node/22541