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Career Inside Track

Start your career long before you graduate, gaining relevant experience, learning from industry insiders, and developing skills and connections that will launch and accelerate your professional path.

Pride Perspectives

Hear from our students about the advantages they've had by being on the inside track.

Karina Brasil stands in front of stone wall

I know this was the right program for me. If someone was wondering if Widener was the right place for their MBA, I would just say go for it.

Karina Brasil

Karina's Story
Li Lock presented their findings to Widener peers and faculty.

I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to go to the program at Widener. I’d heard it was a reputable program at an accredited university, and after learning about the range of backgrounds of the faculty and their research interests, I knew this was the place

Li Lock

Li's Story
Student Zan Usmani standing in the Amazon rainforest in Peru

I’ve never felt unsure about what the next steps of dental school were. I always had professors guiding me along my way.

Zan Usmani

Zan's Story
Hayley Bonhage, wearing headphones, sitting at a computer playing Overwatch for Esports team

I’m interested in a lot of different applications in computer science so I’m not sure where that will take me. It will be an adventure either way.

Hayley Bonhage

Hayley's Story
Aly Horton sitting in the driver's seat of a UPS truck

Widener gave me the opportunity to not only start my career as an undergraduate but advance it a few years later when I went back for my masters.

Aly Horton

Aly's Story
Davida Vogel poses in front of a research poster

My clinical experiences made all of the difference for my first year. I felt confident and competent in my ability to succeed. – Davida Vogel ‘22 

Davida Vogel

Davida's Story

Leading. Edge.

Our powerhouse programs give you the edge.

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Region's 1st Undergraduate Robotics Engineering Major

Widener offers Pennsylvania’s first undergraduate robotics major, and one of very few nationwide.


Ranked as one of the nation's top MBA programs in taxation and financial planning.

Nursing students in clinicals

Renowned in the Region

Our School of Nursing was ranked 16th in the Mid-Atlantic region and 8th in Pennsylvania among private colleges.

Top 10

We're ranked among the 10 best colleges in the country for engineering.

2020 Best Law Schools

Delaware Law School and Widener Law Commonwealth nationally ranked by the Princeton Review.

Top 5

Ranked as a top school for health care management in Pennsylvania.

Top 10

Pennsylvania college for social work

Student on laptop in library

A Top MBA in PA

Recognized among the state's elite online MBA programs.

Ranked 11 out of 50

On the list of Editors' Choice 50 Best Accredited PsyD Programs for 2020

Flexible Career Paths

Life is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Your interests and aspirations are as unique as you are. They evolve as the world does. (The world evolves constantly.) 

This is why we design our programs with flexibility in mind, offering a wide variety of ready-made dual and combined degree paths that let you explore more than one interest while preparing for specialized careers. We also make it easy to change your mind mid-stream as new plans and goals arise.  

Our curriculum is nimble. Professors are empowered to adapt their teaching and lessons to reflect emerging issues and technologies—in their programs and in the industries you are preparing to enter. 

Everything here is aimed at preparing you to thrive in the world—not as it is today, but as it will be when it's your time to lead.

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Centers of Excellence

Nationally regarded for the quality of our leading  programs, we are steering the conversation and setting standards through inventive approaches, unflinching quality, and proven results.