Making a Lasting Impact on His Hometown

The PSC Bonner program at Widener provided Michael Dixon with the vehicle to serve his community and build skills he would carry into life and career.

Michael Dixon
Class of 2017
International Business Major
  • School of Business Administration
Career: Advancement Specialist

Michael Dixon ’17 is driven to make a difference.

Growing up in Chester, he was aware of the negativity that often surrounded his city. He made it his goal that when he got to college, he would do everything he could to change the narrative.

This passion of mine, and this feeling of responsibility to my community, is what led me to take an offer from Widener and join the Presidential Service Corps Bonner Leaders program. I saw it as a pathway for me to give back to my community while still being in school. — Michael Dixon '17

PSC Bonner Leaders commit to serving 300 hours of internship-level community service each year, earning an annual $5,000 scholarship in the process. Through PSC Bonner, Michael participated in numerous service projects, including mentoring area youth. 

And while he was giving back, he was gaining the skills that he uses each day in working with students and families as an advancement specialist at Chester Community Charter School, his alma mater.

“It’s very rewarding when you can see the impact you’re having on either the community, or individuals, or even yourself,” he said.

Finding His Voice

As a teen, Michael was introverted. At Widener, through PSC Bonner and other campus leadership positions, Michael broke out of his shell and discovered how his voice could help facilitate change. 

Developing Skills

Through his civic engagement work, Michael developed the skills – from organization to adaptability – that he uses in his work helping students find the high school that’s right for them.

Lifelong Involvement

Michael helped bring RISE, a youth mentoring and leadership development program, to Widener as a PSC Bonner service site. Even after graduation, Michael has remained involved with RISE, serving as its coordinator and working with teens on a weekly basis. 

Career: Advancement Specialist

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