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Mathematics Assessment

All deposit-paid freshmen are pre-assigned a Math Placement Provisional Level, based on their highest SAT Math score. Your ACT Math score is used if there is no SAT score. You will be notified by email of your provisional placement and login information.

Students who wish to challenge their Provisional Level may take the online Mathematics Assessment. The assessment is designed to gauge the extent of your mathematics understanding as you begin Widener. It is not something you pass or fail. Your placement level is used to determine your initial mathematics course and your eligibility for certain other courses. If you are required to take the assessment or choose to challenge your provisional placement, you need to complete the assessment before attending summer registration.

Who Must Take the Assessment

  • Engineering majors are required to complete the assessment unless exempt (Math SAT 690 or higher, or ACT Math 29 or higher).
  • Science majors are required to complete the assessment unless their Provisional Level is at least 4. (LEVP4)
  • Any student challenging their provisional placement. If you wish to enroll in MATH 101, you do not need to take the assessment.

Do Not take the Assessment

  • If you are provisional level 5 (SAT Math above 680 or ACT above 28). You are exempt.
  • If you are placed at level 2 (LEV2 - SAT Math score less than 500 or ACT below 18). You are required to take MATH 101. 
  • If you are entering the Nursing program. You must have an SAT Math score of at least 530 (ACT Math 19) in order to take Chemistry; all others must take MATH 101.

Access the Maple T.A. online Mathematics Assessment login page to begin.

The user login will be your full Widener email address (example:
The password will be your birthdate, with no "leading zeros" (example: 1/1/1993, NOT 01/01/93).
Review the computer requirementsfor accessing the Maple T.A. system.

Format of the Online Mathematics Assessment

The Mathematics Assessment consists of a series of timed question sets (assignments) covering successively more advanced mathematics:

  • Practice: 25 questions - 30 minutes - no limit on number of attempts
  • Algebra and Algebra Retake: 25 questions - 30 minutes - 1 attempt each
  • Precalculus and Precalculus Retake: 25 questions - 30 minutes - 1 attempt each
  • Calculus Concepts and Calculus Concepts Retake: 15 questions - 20 minutes - 1 attempt each

Once a question set is started, it must be completed in the time allowed. Progress cannot be saved in the middle of a set. However, the full assessment does not have to be completed in one sitting. You may take time between each question set.

Depending on your knowledge of mathematics, you may need to take only two or three of the question sets; do not be worried by this. Follow the procedure below until you reach the final grade report page that reads, "Thank you for completing the Widener Mathematics Assessment. You have achieved a level of X." This is your confirmation that you have finished. Note that your score is only shown on each grade report.

After the assessment is completed, we will add your results to your student record. Once completed, the Assessment Level will replace the Provisional Level, whether it is higher or lower. You can check your placement on CampusCruiser a few days after you complete the assessment: Campus Cruiser>WebAdvisor>Student Services: Academic Profile: Test Summary.

Testing Accommodations:
An Extended Time Mathematics Assessment is available for those students approved for Learning Accommodation. It uses the same procedure, but the time limits are 45 minutes for practice, algebra, and precalculus question sets, and 30 minutes for calculus concepts question sets.

Testing accommodation questions can be directed to Academic Support Programs at 610-499-1266, or


You must begin with the Practice assignment; there is no limit to the number of times you may try it. Each attempt will be different as the questions are randomized.

You will probably want a pencil and scratch paper handy to work out the answers.

Once you are comfortable with the format, begin with the Algebra assignment.

  • If you score less than 50% (13) on Algebra, go to Algebra Retake. If you score less than 50% again, you are finished: your placement will be Level 2.
  • If you score more than 50% on Algebra, proceed to Precalculus.
  • If you score less than 50% (13) on Precalculus, go to Precalculus Retake. If you score less than 50% again, you are finished: your placement will be Level 3.
  • If you score more than 50% on Precalculus, proceed to Calculus Concepts.
  • If you score less than 50% (8) on Calculus Concepts, go to Calculus Concepts Retake. If you score less than 50% again, you are finished: your placement will be Level 4.
  • If you score more than 50% (8) on Calculus Concepts, your placement will be Level 5.

Take some time to review the material before attempting the retake question sets. Since the assessment is a measure of your mathematics ability, you are not finished until you go as far as directed. Please complete all question sets as instructed by the section grade reports until you reach the final grade report. You will not be penalized for continuing.

Mathematics Assessment Results

Regardless of the number of question sets you take, your actual mathematics assessment results will be a number or level: 2, 3, 4, or 5. This will indicate the mathematics courses you may take based on the table below. The mathematics courses you need to take will vary depending on your major and may have prerequisites. Please check with your advisor. 

Level    Mathematics Course

          MATH 101   Fundamental Mathematics

    3        MATH 111   Mathematical Ideas I
    3        MATH 112   Mathematical Ideas II
    3        MATH 114   Basic Probability
    3        MATH 116   Nature of Mathematics
    3        MATH 117   Elementary Functions
    3        MATH 120   Precalculus
    3        MATH 151   Elementary Discrete Mathematics I

    4        MATH 118   Elementary Calculus I
    4        MATH 131   Calculus with Review I

    5        MATH 141   Calculus

Online Mathematics Assessment FAQ

Math assessment questions can be directed to the Math Department at 610-499-1243, or