Andrew Owens

Andrew Owens, PhD

  • Assistant Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Mathematics (2019)
    Auburn University (AL)
  • BS, Mathematics (2008)
    University of Texas (TX)

About Me

I recently finished my PhD at Auburn University with a focus in discrete mathematics (in particular, Graph Theory). I have been a participant in the Graduate Research Workshop in Combinatorics as well as a participant in the MASAMU research workshop in Southern Africa.

I enjoy working on outreach programs and at Auburn I coordinated a program that oversaw approximately 100 middle school students each year solving undergraduate and graduate level mathematics problems. I will continue this work in a similar program  held at several colleges/universities across the country.

Outside of work related activities, I enjoy exercising, training muay thai and brazilian jiu-jitsu, and board/computer games.


  •  D. Yang, J. Carlson, A. Owens, K.E. Perry, I. Singgih, Z. Song, F. Zhang, X. Zhang. Antimagic orientations of graphs with large maximum degree, Discrete Mathematics. 343 (2020), no. 12, 112123, 7 pp.
  • P. Johnson and A. Owens, Edge Colorings of Complete Multipartite Graphs Forbidding Rainbow Cycles, Theory and Applications of Graphs, vol. 4 (2017), issue 2, article 2, 9 pp.
  • D. Hoffman, P. Horn, P. Johnson, A. Owens. On Rainbow-Cycle-Forbidding Edge Colorings of Finite Graphs, Graphs and Combinatorics (accepted 2019)