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Mathematics Major (BS)

Cultivate abstract thinking and problem-solving skills when you major in mathematics. You'll receive individualized attention from innovative professors as you pursue a track that best fits your career goals.

Mathematics Student

Program Overview

Studying mathematics requires you to think critically, logically, and creatively to solve problems. At Widener, you'll develop all these skills through career-specific learning opportunities.

Small classes allow you to receive individualized attention from faculty who care about your personal and professional goals. They'll help you persevere as you tackle advanced pure and applied mathematical problems.

Beyond the classroom, you'll have opportunities to engage in meaningful research projects that build powerful skills to bring with you into the workplace. Combined with internship opportunities in Philadelphia and beyond, you'll constantly be applying your knowledge to practical, real-world experiences.

Customize your curriculum by choosing one of three tracks that's right for your career goals. When you graduate, you won't just start your career—you'll continue the work you've been doing all along. 

Program Options

Students have the option to pursue three tracks within the mathematics major. 

Traditional Mathematics Track

Recommended for students considering graduate study, this option includes instruction in algebra, analysis, geometry, and statistics. This track offers sufficient flexibility for you to pursue a minor in a second area such as physics or economics.

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Secondary Education Mathematics Track

This option includes the mathematics and education courses necessary for certification to teach mathematics at the secondary level.

See Loading... requirements for the secondary education mathematics track.

Mathematics & Computer Science Track

This option is recommended for students interested in applying the abstract and logical ideas of mathematics to the practical area of computer science.

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Widener's pre-professional pathways give you the flexibility to follow your interests while preparing for a professional career. 

Mathematics majors can participate in the following pathways:

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Students majoring in mathematics can obtain secondary certification in mathematics by completing the secondary education track. Students must also follow the instructions and requirements in the Center for Education section. Students may seek certification in more than one field; however, this usually requires more than eight semesters. Students who wish to become certified in more than one area should work closely with their faculty advisor when planning course schedules.

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Program Highlights

Individualized Attention

Your classes won't be taught by graduate students but by professors in small classes that seek to create a supportive learning community. From a core curriculum in differential and integral calculus, you'll then have the flexibility to explore topics of your choice in upper-level courses, and add a double major or minor.

Leadership Opportunities

Solidify your own learning by tutoring others in our Math Center. You'll develop interpersonal and leadership skills guiding your fellow students through their mathematics courses. Take those experiences out into the world when you attend conferences like the Mathematical Association of America meetings and network with professionals in your field. 

State-of-the-Art Technology

From the use of online homework systems such as MyLab in introductory classes to complex computer algebra systems like Mathematica in upper-division study, you'll gain fluency on the professional-grade software used in the field.


Our professors invest in your success through close mentoring and continual feedback. Get to know our mathematics faculty.

Neil A. Watling
Associate Professor

"My main goals in teaching are to increase students' understanding, ability, and appreciation of mathematics. I hope they also leave with a curiosity and fascination in the subject. Even now, I am still discovering new connections and new ways to understand and relate the many different areas of mathematics."

Eamonn Tweedy
Associate Professor

"In my teaching, I focus on keeping my students engaged as I train them to think and communicate more clearly about mathematics. Student engagement in my classroom revolves around effectively motivating the material, conveying my own enthusiasm, and encouraging them to participate in class and work collaboratively."

Dana Olanoff
Chair, Mathematics Department

"My role as a mathematics teacher is to help students make sense of mathematics and develop conceptual understanding. I do this by helping students become actively involved in their learning through solving new and challenging problems rather than passively absorbing information."

Kalpa Madhawa Thudewaththag
Assistant Teaching Professor

If you are thinking mathematics is a complicated subject. We are here as math educators to disprove it. The truth is mathematics makes our life easy. Each time you learn a new mathematical concept, you uncover a mystery which means you learn more about your world. It is a great tool to understand the world.

Your Inside Track to Success

Your Inside Track to Success

With a deep understanding of pure and applied mathematics along with highly-developed problem-solving skills, you'll be prepared for a fast start and long-term career success with a mathematics degree from Widener.

Outlooks & Outcomes

Potential Careers

  • Banking
  • Actuarial science
  • Government security
  • Engineering
  • Economics

Industry Growth

Job outlook for math occupations is projected to grow 28% by 2030 as businesses and government agencies continue to develop their data analytics programs.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Those interested in the traditional mathematics track or the math and computer science track should contact the mathematics department directly. Those interested in math secondary education track should contact Dr. Dana Olanoff.