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Fast Track to a Master’s Degree

Enhance your career opportunities with an accelerated master's program, saving you both time and money. 

Find Your Accelerated Advantage Option

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Earn a Master's Degree Within Your Field of Study

Students in majors like engineering, business, and social work can enroll in the accelerated 4+1 program and earn a master’s degree in the same field of study as their bachelor’s degree. 

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Pre-Professional Pathways to Medical or Law School

For students interested in one of our pre-professional pathways, accelerated graduate degree options include 3+3 and 4+3 reserved seat admissions, which can lead to a doctoral degree in physical therapy or occupational therapy, or preparation for admission to medical, dental, or law school.

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Benefits of the Accelerated Advantage Program

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Save Time

Completing a master’s degree in half the time means less time studying and more time in the career that you love.  

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Maintain Momentum

Getting your master’s at the same school as your undergrad means you don’t have to uproot your life and reorientate yourself with a new campus and professors.

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Save Money

You can save up to a year of tuition by participating in the Accelerated Advantage program, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings.

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Career Advantage

Graduate degrees on resumes can grab and keep a future employers’ attention and increase your earning potential as you advance in your career. 

FAQs About Accelerated Advantage Fast Track Program

During your junior year, consult with your academic advisor. As long as you meet the academic requirements, you can apply for one of Widener's master’s degree programs. When you begin your senior year, you will take graduate-level classes that count towards both of your degrees, which allows most students to earn their bachelor’s and master’s in five years.

The biggest difference between the accelerated program and traditional program is time. When combining a traditional undergraduate and graduate degree, a student will typically spend six years in school. In an accelerated graduate program, students can obtain their master’s within five years.

Another difference between the two is coursework. In an accelerated program, you will begin taking graduate-level classes as early as your junior year. Keep in mind, these classes are more advanced courses and are more challenging than a normal undergraduate class.

Yes, all of our online flexible associate's and bachelor's degrees are also eligible for the Accelerated Advantage. 

The Accelerated Advantage program is available to both our undergraduate day students and students in our online adult & professional studies programs. Contact our admissions office for more information.