Elisa A. Esposito

Elisa A. Esposito, PhD

  • Associate Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Psychology & Mental Health

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Child Psychology (2015)
    University of Minnesota--Twin Cities (MN)

About Me

As an undergraduate studying psychology, I became fascinated with the question, “How do we become who we are?” During my graduate career, I focused on thinking and working across disciplines, and this interdisciplinary approach to psychology is evident in my teaching. I encourage students to understand how the brain, body, and environment work together to shape who we become. 

My goal is to create lectures that are engaging, entertaining, and filled with examples and active learning activities that help students to acquire and apply abstract concepts to everyday life. I actively focus on connecting with my students in the classroom, because I believe that curiosity and excitement are critical components of intellectual development. The ultimate goal of each course I teach is to help students uncover topics that they feel passionate about and to foster the skills that will allow them to pursue independent knowledge.