Jihane Hajj

Jihane Hajj, DrNP, ACNP-BC

  • Associate Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • DrNP, Nursing (2014)
    Drexel University (PA)
  • MSN, Nursing - adult acute care nurse practitioner (2007)
    Drexel University (PA)
  • BS, Nursing (2002)
    American University of Beirut

About Me

I serve as an assistant professor in Nursing, teaching at the sophomore, junior, and senior levels. I also serve as a nurse practitioner in preventive cardiology and lipidology at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. My role as a provider in the clinic is to assess and evaluate all aspects of cardiovascular risk especially in patients with a family history of heart disease or who have unique risk factors such as radiation therapy. My focus in clinical is to help patients reduce all modifiable risk factors of stroke and heart attack.

Research Interests

My research interest is in the area of radiation vasculopathy. We recently completed our retrospective research study on head and neck cancer patients who received radiation therapy to the head and neck. After analyzing our medical records, the majority of patients were at high risk of cardiovascular events. More information on this work: "Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Measurement Promises to Improve Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation in Head and Neck Cancer Patients." Our future plan in this field to explore biomarkers of atherosclerosis in setting of radiation therapy among head and neck cancer patients.

Media Expertise

  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurocritical
  • Preventive cardiology
  • General cardiology
  • Heart failure



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Hajj, J (2017, October). Achieving Cholesterol Management Goals: Identifying Clinician-Centered Challenges to Optimal Patient Care. Oral presentation at the 44th Biennial Convention at Sigma Theta Tau International. International
Hajj, J (2017, Apri

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Academy of Nurse Practitioner
Sigma Theta Tau International 


Duke – Johnson & Johnson Nursing Leadership Program Fellow: 2019-2020
Excellence in Research Award, Eta Beta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
International, April 2019
Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society: $1000 research grant
Excellence in Clinical Practice Award, Eta Beta Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
International, April 2017
Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, inducted 2005
Pennsylvania State Nurses Association (PSNA) County District 1: $1000 award
toward clinical dissertation project, 2011.

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