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Kathleen M. Youse, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, BC-ANCDS

  • Founding Program Director, Institute for Speech-Language Pathology
  • Associate Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Health Sciences

Affiliated Programs


  • Ph.D., Communication Sciences (2005)
    University of Connecticut (CT)
  • M.A., Speech-Language Pathology (1998)
    Oklahoma State University (OK)
  • B.A., English (1995)
    Rutgers University (NJ)

About Me

I joined Widener University in the Summer of 2019 as the Founding Program Director for the Speech-Language Pathology Program in the College of Health & Human Services.
Prior to joining the faculty at Widener, I served as the Department Chair and Program Director of Speech-Language Pathology at Salus University and was the Director of the Edward D. Mysak Clinic for Communication Disorders at Teachers College, Columbia University. I have been a speech-language pathologist for over 20 years and have extensive clinical experience with individuals who have neurologic communication disorders. I am passionate about sharing my experience with students both in the classroom and the clinic in order to help them bridge the gap between academic knowledge and clinical application. I consider it a privilege to educate our future clinicians and hope that they will have a positive impact on our profession as well as the people they serve.
I have been an active member of the Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS) since 2000 and Board Certified since 2006. I value the mission of ANCDS, which is to enhance the communicative lives of people affected by neurologic disorders and appreciate the organization’s rigorous commitment to its members and the community of individuals with neurologic deficits to whom we provide services. For many years I have been involved in ANCDS committee work, have served on the executive board, and was a past President of ANCDS.

Areas of Expertise

My area of expertise is neurologic communication disorders in individuals with traumatic brain injury, aphasia, and dementia.

Research Interests

My research investigates the impact of cognitive deficits, specifically attention and memory, on communication in individuals with traumatic brain injury.


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Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), Academy of Neurologic Communication Disorders and Sciences (ANCDS)