LiKang Chin Profile

LiKang Chin, PhD

  • Graduate Program Director
  • Assistant Teaching Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Biomedical Engineering (2011)
    Case Western Reserve University (OH)
  • MS, Biomedical Engineering (2007) 
    Case Western Reserve University (OH)
  • BSE, Bioengineering (2001)
    University of Pennsylvania (PA)

About Me

I am a huge enthusiast of the biomedical engineering field. I received my BSE from the University of Pennsylvania, my MS and PhD from Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Clinic, and I completed my postdoctoral studies at Penn – all in Biomedical Engineering. Before joining Widener faculty, I was the technical director for a research core of the Physical Sciences Oncology Center at Penn, studying the physics of liver cancer. As an educator, I hope to engage students by distilling complex science down to simple concepts, providing hands-on lab experience, and introducing them to the diversity of biomedical engineering.

Research Interests

My interest in biomaterials and tissue engineering was kickstarted during my first job as an engineer for Cook Biotech Inc., a company that manufactures medical devices made of small intestinal submucosa. Since then, I have studied mechanobiology, inflammation, tissue engineering and hyaluronan in tendon, fat, and liver. My current research interests include the mechanical behavior of diseased soft tissues and identifying the contributing cellular and extracellular matrix structures. I have particular interest in adipocytes and adipose tissue, the effects of fatty acids on mechanosensing and inflammation, and the development of cell- or tissue-engineering treatment strategies.


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