Xin Du

Xin Du, PhD

  • Assistant Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Science & Environment

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Physics (2016)
    Emory University (GA)
  • B.S., Physics (2010)
    Nanjing University (CN)

About Me

I am deeply committed to providing excellent undergraduate physics education with innovative teaching approaches and fostering a research program on Soft Matter Physics involving undergraduate researchers. 

My primary teaching goal is to help students learn how to think like a physicist. You would never learn how to think without thinking. So, I believe the more students are engaged in classroom activities, the better they will learn. In my physics class, I hold hand-on activities, group discussions to solve problems, and share the current technology or science development which relate physics principles with real world applications. 

In my physics classes, students will learn problem-solving skills, communication with accurate scientific language, quantitative skills, computational skills, laboratorial skills that can apply to their future career in physics as well as engineering or health science.

Research Interests

Soft materials, such as granular media, colloids, emulsions, and foams, are the materials with both solid-like and liquid-like properties. They are very common in medical and industrial applications. For example, sand, blood flow, collective cells, cosmetics, petroleum, and soft robotics like an artery stent are made of soft materials.

In these systems, understanding and controlling their dynamic and structural properties, as well as their long-term evolution and stability, are of fundamental importance. My research interest is studying the properties of soft materials utilizing microfluidic techniques, microscopy and image analysis.