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What Careers and Salaries Can You Have with a BSN Degree?

Explore career options and salaries for BSN nurses.

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Patient-Focused BSN Nursing Careers 

Nurses that choose a patient-focused career master the art of science and compassion. You'll utilize your healthcare knowledge while working closely with doctors to deliver the patient best care. 

What is a Registered Nurse (RN)? 

In order to work with patients as a nurse, you must earn your Registered Nurse (RN) licensure. RN nurses assure their employers and patients that they meet healthcare qualifications and standards. 

While you can become an RN with a nursing diploma or associate degree in nursing, spending the extra time to earn your BSN degree will expand your job opportunities. BSN-prepared nurses hold a greater knowledge of nursing and more hands-on readiness skills enabling them to provide a higher-quality patient care.  

Where is a BSN-Prepared Registered Nurse Qualified to Work? 

BSN nurses are prepared to work with patients of all age groups in many types of healthcare settings and specialized medical fields.

Patient-focused nurses can take their expertise anywhere from schools, hospitals, and long-term health facilities to on-the-road opportunities like medical response teams, at-home nurses, and unique travel settings like on cruise ships and airplanes. 

BSN degrees also prepare you to work in a number of healthcare specializations such as: medical/surgical, intensive care, maternity and pediatrics, psych/mental health, and public/community health.

Also, many nurses enjoy flexible work schedules due to the 24/7 nature of their healthcare field.

Top BSN Nursing Career Titles & Salaries Focused on Patient Care

BSN Nurses with Alternative Consulting or Medical Sales Careers in Medical Setting

Alternative BSN Careers — Other than Nursing

Whether you begin your BSN career down an alternative pathway or pivot after providing patient care in the field, having a BSN degree will keep your professional doors wide open. Your knowledge of the healthcare industry and patient care will help you succeed in these non-nursing career roles.

Here are Just a Few Alternative Pathways a BSN Nurse Can Take

  • Nurse Manager, $104,280 avg. annual salary
    Step into a leadership role as a BSN-prepared nurse manager—leading a team and working with administrative personnel. 
  • Nurse Informatics & Electronic Health Records Specialist$84,426 avg. annual salary
    Manage important patient, clinical, and operations data within a healthcare organization.
  • Nurse Case Manager$74,840 avg. annual salary
    Help patients receive the medical care that they need by working with insurance companies to determine treatment eligibility. 
  • Forensic Nurse$67,000 avg. annual salary 
    Work with law enforcement to gather medical evidence from crime scenes.
  • Clinical Research Nurse$72,691 avg. annual salary 
    Assist healthcare and pharmaceutical industries by researching diseases, disorders, and their treatments.
  • Nurse Recruiter$80.638 avg. annual salary
    Take your skills as a BSN-prepared nurse to help recruit and hire nurses within healthcare organizations.
  • Legal Nurse Consultant$77,083 avg. annual salary
    Work with attorneys on healthcare-related cases to evaluate, analyze, and deliver informed opinions about medical issues. 

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