Financial Aid for Undergraduate Students

Our financial aid team is here to help guide you in applying for financial aid and discovering the various options that are available to make your education affordable.

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A Widener education is an investment in your future. And it begins with our investment in you. Through our generous financial aid, we are committed to helping families and students like you manage the costs and find your path forward.

Making College Affordable

95% Receive Financial Aid

We help bring your education within reach—95% of undergrad students receive financial aid

Scholarships Start at $80,000

Undergraduate academic scholarships start at $80,000 over 4 years

$20+ Million in Scholarships & Grants

Thanks to our generous donors, we offer $20+ million in scholarships and grants.

Ways to Finance Your Education

Financial Need-Based Aid Completing the FAFSA will determine your personal financial need and your expected family contribution.
Scholarships Scholarships recognize your hard work and achievements—and the best part is you don't have to pay the funds back after graduation!
Grants Grants are aid made available by the federal and state governments based on financial need. Widener also has its very own Grant-In-Aid program to assist eligible students.
Loans Loans are borrowed money that is repaid with interest and are helpful financial resources available after other options have been exhausted.
Student Employment Many options are available for students to earn income by working at the university through the federal work-study program and direct university employment.
Aid for Military Students & Families Widener is proud to offer numerous opportunities for military-affiliated students to finance their education.

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