Anthony R. Wheeler
School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration Dean Anthony Wheeler Publishes Book About the Future of Work

School of Business Administration Dean and Professor of Management Anthony Wheeler co-authored a newly published book, titled "HR Without People? Industrial Evolution in the Age of Automation, AI, and Machine Learning (Future of Work)". 

Wheeler co-authored the book with M. Ronald Buckley, the JC Penney Company Chair of Business Leadership and a Professor of Management and Psychology at the University of Oklahoma.

The book traces provocative and challenging timelines for future developments in ten, thirty and fifty years' time, to interrogate how modern human resources practices need to respond to far reaching technological and industrial change. As artificial intelligence and machine learning practices grow, entire industries and jobs could become more automated or cease to exist altogether. 

Focusing on the role these technologies are playing in changing the human resources profession and how they could and should develop industry practices in the future, Wheeler and Buckley explored how this profession has a vital role in responding to these changes and how it can adapt to meet the new challenges faced by both employers and employees.

The book is available on Amazon.

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