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Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community, or LLC, brings together people who share a common residential and academic experience. 

Building. Community.

In an LLC you will experience an environment ideal for building a strong, interconnected support system that will serve you throughout your time at Widener and beyond.

LLCs by Academic Major

The Justice Hall Living Learning Community is focused on meeting the needs of criminal justice majors.  This will be achieved by fostering skills to help with your transition to college by offering mentoring around such skills as study skills, time management, and developing relationships with professors and peers.  We will survey student interests to help shape activity development.  Potential activities include tours of local criminal justice agencies, networking with professionals, and working with faculty around research interests.

As a resident of this LLC you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with faculty, peers, and criminal justice professionals while learning about different criminal justice careers in an engaging and fun learning environment.

Associated Courses: CJ 105: Introduction to Criminal Justice; FYS 101: Hot Topics in Criminal Justice
Open to: Criminal Justice Majors Only

The Engineering Living Learning Community provides you a unique opportunity to live and learn together with other engineering students through a variety of co-curricular activities and social events.  This peer support system eases the transition to college and reinforces the commitment to engineering excellence.  A common curriculum and monthly meetings will introduce you to the scholarly work of faculty. You can enjoy the immediate connection to others with shared interests. This community participates in diverse programming that complements the classroom while addressing personal development, academic skills, and success in the engineering profession.  You will participate in a wide range of activities, including Water Tower Challenge, career services workshop, urban excursions, President’s Lecture, faculty research, global engagement and leadership presentations, panel discussions, and a year-end LLC picnic.  Upper division engineering students serve as Resident Assistants and mentors.  Service learning and citizenship are also emphasized.  

Associated Courses: There is no course attached to this LLC
Open to: Engineering Majors Only

The Nursing Living Learning Community is managed through the School of Nursing in conjunction with Residence Life.  As a resident of this Living Learning Community you will have the unique opportunity to live and learn together with other nursing students through a variety of co-curricular activities and social events, in common areas of the residence hall and in Founders Hall.  This peer support system will foster friendships and help with the transition to college and reinforce your commitment to nursing excellence.  This community participates in diverse programming that complements the classroom while addressing personal development, academic skills, and success in the nursing profession.  Upper division nursing students serve as your Resident Assistants and mentors.  Active participation is the key to success of the NET LLC.  This acceptance requires that you be available for all scheduled co-curricular activities with the exception of class conflicts. These co-curricular experiences include, but are not limited to, times during late afternoon/early evening hours in your residence hall or in Founders Hall. 

Associated Courses: FYS 101: Nursing first year student seminar
Open to: Nursing Majors Only

The Lab Living Learning Community is comprised of students from different majors who intend to pursue a doctoral degree in physical therapy (DPT) or occupational therapy (OTD) at Widener.  As a Lab participant, you’ll enjoy custom-made activities designed to foster your success in your undergraduate major and simultaneously engage you with the DPT and OTD programs at Widener.  Faculty mentors serve as your advisors for your undergraduate tracks.  As a student in this LLC you will form a community from several different majors and have the opportunity to connect to Widener’s DPT and OTD programs, on-campus clinic and graduate students in your first semester. This Living Learning Community will help get you ready for the expectations of graduate work in physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Associated Courses: PSY 105: Introduction to Psychology, ENGL 101: Reading, Thinking & Writing; FYS 101: Psychology & the Movies
Open to: All majors with a Pre-PT / Pre-OT pathway

LLCs by Theme

The contemporary business world is dynamic and continuously changing. Today’s business professional lives in an exciting time where creativity and idea generation are relevant for both new and existing businesses. Young professionals are presented with the opportunity to have real impact within business by bringing new ideas and perspectives to business. To foster creativity and idea generation within a supportive setting, this Living and Learning Center is designed to bring together students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation, and business. Specifically, this LLC will focus on innovation and creativity as ways of meeting the demands of contemporary businesses, both new and old. This LLC will also include efforts to help the student transition into a successful Widener student.

Associated Courses: FYS 101: Entrepreneurship
Open to: All majors across the university

The First Generation Living Learning Community is a residential experience designed to support first generation college students like you, and assist you with your transition from high school into college life at Widener University.  The First Generation Living Learning Community is open to students who are first generation college students (i.e. neither parent has earned a bachelor’s degree).  You will be paired with other first generation students and mentored by faculty and staff members who were also once first generation college students and today have master’s degrees, doctoral degrees, and successful careers.  All academic majors and interests are welcome to apply.

Associated Courses: There is no course connected to this LLC
Open to: All majors across the university

The Bungalow Living learning Community is Widener University’s eclectic global culture house. Here you will live with students from all walks of life with a vast array of interests.  What do we have in common? Students in this Living Learning Community possess a wanderlust for life and a curiosity to explore (in their studies and in the real world). We promote diversity, equality, and cross-cultural understanding. We foster leadership based on respect, peace, and a cultural appreciation for difference. Do you get excited at the prospect of international travel? Have an Insta-worthy collection of exotic food selfies? Not afraid to dive into a newfound world of global music, art, and culture all while making lifelong friendships? This is the house for you. Make the world your home away from home at the Bungalow Living Learning Community.

Citizens of the Bungalow LLC develop global awareness through travel, gain intercultural competence through the exploration of new food, music, dance and culture, and engage with a diverse group of people including faculty, staff, invited guests, and other knowledge seekers.  Finally, our LLC offers domestic cross-cultural experiences and an international trip each year!

Associated Courses: ANTH 105: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology; FYS 101: Superheroes and Villains
Open to: All majors across the university

The Honors Living Learning Community will give you the opportunity to live with others who love academic challenges.  Connect with those who respect your goals and share your desire for achievement. Study, socialize, and serve with some of the most interesting, involved students on campus. You will hear great speakers and experience new activities outside of the classroom, and will love the close-knit community that the Honors LLC creates – one that makes for a smooth transition to college life.  As one member put it, the Honors LLC is “like the Disney World of Widener; it’s the atmosphere, being surrounded by growing academics, student leaders, and others that are dedicated to investing time and energy into shaping their campus and future.” You need no special essay to apply – you can be part of our LLC by request, since we serve all invited Honors Program in General Education freshmen like yourself.  Take advantage of this specialized community located in residence halls equipped with unique learning spaces and make new friends across all university majors. You will love being a part of our community.

Associated Courses: There is no course attached to this LLC
Open to: All majors and students participating in the Honors Program in General Education

As a resident of the Political Engagement Living Learning Community you will live with students from all majors that are interested in discussing politics and getting involved in political activities. The Living Learning Community is open to students of all political views.  Our goal is to provide a space to exchange ideas and engage in conversation that helps us understand each other better, while also sharpening your ability to make the case for your own political principles.  The LLC’s academic core is an interdisciplinary Engaged Citizenship class that will expose you to multiple ways of getting involved in pressing domestic and international issues.  You will also take a Political Engagement first year seminar that takes a more informal approach to politics through movies, shows, and activities.  The LLC also provides leadership opportunities for campus political events.

As a resident of this LLC, you will enjoy an interdisciplinary environment where you will meet other students that like politics, learn how to be more involved in the political system, and sharpen your persuasive skills when you discuss politics.

Associated Courses: SSCI 120: Engaged Citizenship; FYS 101: Political Engagement
Open to: All majors across the university

The Greenhaus Living Learning Community focuses on the cultivation, integration, and application of knowledge about our planetary environment from the standpoint of sustainability science. Specific topics covered include global climate change, human population growth, sustainable agriculture, ecological footprint analysis, environmental ethics, biological diversity and conservation, solid waste recycling, natural capital and services provided by ecosystems, ecological economics and globalization, alternative energy, green transportation and building design, sustainable architecture, environmental health, and community-based environmental literacy.

As a resident of the Greenhaus LLC you will engage in real-world problem solving activities, gain experience in making presentations, and become part of an affinity group of like-minded persons who care about the environment. You will get to meet leaders in the field of sustainability and work with and develop close relationships with other students interested in the topic of sustainability.

Associated Courses: ENVR 172: Principles of Sustainability Science; FYS 101: Sustainable Living on Planet Earth
Open to: All majors across the University

How do I apply for a LLC?

You can apply for a LLC via your housing application. If you're interested in participating in a LLC you must submit a short essay responding to questions provided in the LLC section of the housing application. The essay is submitted directly through the housing application.

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