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Summer Courses

Fast track your education by studying through the summer. 

Summer Session I and II: Courses Will Be Offered Online

If you have any questions about summer courses and how they fit into your major/academic program plan, please reach out to your program director. Our most important priority is to ensure that your learning and completion of your degree continues. 

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Discounted Summer Tuition Available

Take advantage of a low tuition rate of only $300 per credit for select summer courses.

Find Your Courses

High School and Visiting College Students

Extend your education, whether you're a high school student seeking to get ahead or a college student looking to finish faster. To get started, fill out the non-degree registration form and email it to 

Acadeum Online Course Sharing

Interested in taking a summer or winter term course that is not currently offered through Extended Learning at Widener University? Now you can complete online classes offered through the Council of Independent Colleges Consortium that count towards your Widener GPA.

  • These courses are approved as Widener course equivalencies and will be calculated into your GPA unlike transfer credits from other colleges.
  • Meet with your academic advisor prior to registering for any courses through this portal.
  •  Registration is dependent on Widener University approval.
  • Tuition is the same as summer courses in Extended Learning at Widener University which have a lower price than day classes.
  • Some courses may use a learning system other than Canvas and you will be provided with on-line training instructions to get started. It is recommended to log on as soon as possible to avoid technical difficulties.
  • It is important to pay attention to the start and end times of the course.
  • You may be required to submit work daily as you would be for any on-line or seated course.

Access College Consortium Courses

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Tim Cairy at or Amy Yarlett at

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