Academic, Research, and Internship Experiences Make this Widener Student a Triple Threat

As an undergraduate, Cloё Di Flumeri ’23 has built a robust résumé not only academically as a triple major, but through immersive research and internship opportunities. 

Cloe DiFlumeri poses alongside two individuals during an internship at Museum of Arts and Sciences.
Cloё Di Flumeri ’23 (left) is gaining a range of experiences, from faculty-student research to internships, that will help her stand out in the job market.
Cloë Di Flumeri
Class of 2023
Political science, English, and international relations
  • College of Arts & Sciences
Career Plan: Non-Governmental Organization with a focus on advocacy and policy research

Cloё Di Flumeri came to Widener University to follow her passions.  

She was first introduced to the university by her sister, who graduated in 2021.  

Although her sister followed a track to become a physician-scientist, Cloё saw that Widener’s small class sizes, accessibility to research and expansive network of connections could position her to go into advocacy and policy research in the non-profit sector. 

From academic and scholarly pursuits to unique internship experiences, Cloё has immersed herself in the various opportunities that Widener offers its students and is ready to bring her multifaceted background of experiences to her career. 

Discovering passions

When Cloё first arrived at the university, she enrolled as a political science major with her eyes set on becoming a lawyer. However, her path shifted once she started getting involved in research and exposure to other possible fields of interest. 


“I had an interest in political science research, but I also knew that I loved to write, it’s my greatest skill and joy.  My honors English class made me realize that. From the discussions to the themes that we were reading, I fell in love with pursuing writing. And slowly as I took more classes in political science, I realized that I am into politics, but on an international level,” said Cloё.  


An exploration of Widener’s powerhouse programs led her to declare a triple major in political science, English and international relations. 


There’s so much overlap with my majors. They’re interdisciplinary so they allow me to explore my passions, but I love the different perspectives they all bring.” —Cloё Di Flumer '23

Experiencing more

Outside of the classroom, Cloё participated in the university's Summer Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (SURCA) program where she and her research partner Marissa Fowler conducted research on human rights, women’s rights, and the correlation between gender violence and conflict. The pair presented their findings at the annual SURCA symposium and won in their category


“Advocacy is part of who I am,” said Cloё. “This research project has expanded my knowledge on the intersections between gender and violence and furthered my interest in human rights and the rights of women.” 


In addition to growing as a student-researcher, Cloё landed an internship with the Museum of Arts and Sciences, a Smithsonian Institute Affiliate, in Daytona Beach, Florida. The hybrid, eight-week program, entailed creating digital exhibits that were accessible to the community. 


According to Cloё, the experience underscored how her diverse academic background can apply to a number of career opportunities.


“Before, I never considered working in an art museum, but I was amazed at how much my political science classes dealing with issues like climate can tie into creating a museum exhibit,” said Cloё. “It shows how much you can pull from your experiences in almost any career path.” 

Leaving a legacy

Cloё has participated in many activities that have enhanced her skillset and career readiness, but one of the things she is most proud of is the legacy she will be leaving for the next generation of Widener students, particularly students in the LGBTQA+ community. 


Along with co-founder Christina Giska, Cloё created the Q& A Queer Zine, a digital zine to showcase all forms of queer expression and to amplify queer voices.  The zine’s creation has connected her with people from all over the world who share the same passions as herself. 


Creating a sense of community for students in the LGBTQA+ community has been a significant part of Cloё’s journey at Widener. Her work with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance (SAGA) organization on campus has allowed Cloe to have a positive and direct impact on the student experience. As an executive board member, Cloё advocated for improved services and issues that impact LGBTQA+ students including gender inclusive bathrooms and housing.


“It’s great to see how some of the work we’ve done through SAGA has been impactful. I feel like we have left a legacy here on campus,” said Cloё. 

Career Plan: Non-Governmental Organization with a focus on advocacy and policy research

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