Call of Duty

Thanks to Widener’s accelerated physical therapy doctoral program, impactful clinical experiences, and connections forged on campus, Alanna DiBiasi has built a successful career helping military personnel recover from injury.

Alanna DiBiasi
Class of 2013 and 2015
Physical Therapy Doctorate
  • College of Health & Human Services
Career: Physical Therapist at McGuire Air Force Base

As an orthopedic physical therapist at McGuire Air Force Base, Alanna DiBiasi '15 helps active service members stay fit for duty. Alanna has worked with the military for several years, beginning at the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR), housed at Brook Army Medical Center in San Antonio, where she treated both service members and civilians with burn injuries.

Alanna's  experiences and connections while at Widener helped pave her career path. She conducted a clinical rotation at Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s highly-regarded burn center, located just minutes from Widener’s campus. And a connection with alumnus John Tilelli ’63, a retired four-star U.S. Army general and chairman of the university’s Board of Trustees, helped her get her foot in the door at USAISR.

Widener gave me opportunities after opportunities. Every position I’ve had is because of the experiences I had. — Alanna DiBiasi '15

Alanna was also the first Widener physical therapy student to conduct a clinical rotation abroad, spending two months in Belize. Her experience paved the way for future physical therapy students to conduct clinical experiences overseas.

Hands-On Experiences

Alanna conducted clinical rotations near and far, including at Crozer-Chester Medical Center’s highly-regarded burn unit, and in Belize, which paved the way for other students to follow her.

Accelerated Path

Through our accelerated 3+3 physical therapy program, Alanna earned her doctorate a year before her peers, saving time and money and fast-tracking her career.

Forging Connections

A connection with alumnus and retired four-star U.S. Army Gen. John Tilelli helped her get her foot in the door working for the military. Alanna pushed the door wide open.

Career: Physical Therapist at McGuire Air Force Base

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