An Undergrad Internship Turns into a Business Career at Boeing

School of Business Administration alumna launches internship and then career at the world’s largest aerospace company.

Annamarie Burns holds leadership certificate with two other people
Annamarie Burns won the Widener High School Leadership Award, setting her on a path to attend Widener and find her career.
Annamarie Burns
Class of 2019
Finance Major, Data Analytics Minor
  • School of Business
Career: Business Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager for Boeing

Annamarie Burns’ career at Boeing began long before she even graduated. Read how Widener helped guide her path, from leadership training to internship opportunities to faculty who always cheered her on.

Headshot of Annamarie Burns
How did you choose Widener University’s School of Business Administration?

I initially learned about Widener when I was nominated by my high school for the Widener High School Leadership Award. After winning the award, I was offered a leadership scholarship to attend Widener. When I first visited the School of Business Administration, I was immediately drawn to the level of attentiveness and care from the professors. I knew I needed professors who cared about me and my future to get the most out of my college education, and this ultimately led me to attend Widener.

Describe your career path since you graduated from Widener.

I’m a Business Intelligence Analyst and Project Manager for Boeing Global Services-Government in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania. I applied for Boeing’s internship program when I was a sophomore and spent eight months working in Contracts & Pricing for the V-22 Program at the Ridley Park site. After my eight-month internship in Ridley, I moved to Renton, Washington and spent three months interning in Finance System Integration. This position in Renton led to a full-time offer to move to Puget Sound after I graduated. I worked as a Business Intelligence Analyst in Renton until fall of 2020. Then, I was offered a promotion to my current team. 

Did any faculty’s mentorship contribute to your success since graduation?

Dr. Yvonne Antonucci inspired me to pursue a minor in Data Analytics after I took her MIS 290 course. She was a passionate instructor who challenged me to expand the way I thought about doing business and allowed me to use hands-on labs to learn. Her commitment to teaching industry best practices ultimately created and drove my entire career at Boeing. I’m forever grateful to Dr. Antonucci because the knowledge I gained from her class gave me the confidence to take initiative on critical projects for the V-22 Program. The success of these projects ultimately led to my internship in Washington and my positions within the company after that internship.

How did the training you received in leadership at Widener help in your career trajectory?

I’m a natural leader which has served me well in all aspects of my life. My leadership certificate fine-tuned my leadership skills and gave me an opportunity to lead my own leadership workshop. Like the hands-on learning from Dr. Antonucci’s class, my leadership workshop opened the door for me to practice what I was learning and try doing things my own way. This gave me space to learn and make mistakes in an accepting environment. When it came time for me to step up as a leader in my profession, I felt extremely confident in my ability to be a strong and effective leader. 

What advice would you give to undergraduate students in the School of Business Administration?

Never be afraid to tell people your dreams and goals. Own it. Own your intelligence, passion, and dreams. When you tell professors your goals, they’ll think of you when they get an email about an opportunity. Never allow yourself to get comfortable. I’ve learned the most about myself when I chose to take leadership positions or educational opportunities that were outside of my comfort zone.

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