Bob Neveln

Bob Neveln, PhD

  • Associate Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Technology

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Mathematics (1975)
    Northwestern University (IL)

About Me

I graduated from Caltech in 1967 and finished my PhD in 1975, acquired as a result of the Vietnam War, which was raging at this time, a strong opposition to wars of aggression. More recently I opposed the two Gulf wars, and on a peace mission to Baghdad, I met my current wife.

Research Interests

I am currently working on extending the ProofCheck program, found at, to work in more general contexts, such as relevance logic and constructive logic. I am also interested in the combinatorial foundations of topology, especially of manifolds.


  • Neveln, B. (2000). Linux Assembly Language Programming. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.
  • Neveln, B., & Alps, B. (2007). Writing and checking complete proofs in TeX. TUGboat, 28(1), 80–83.
  • Neveln, B. (1990). Comma-free and synchronizable codes. Journal of Theoretical Biology144(2), 209–212.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL)