Kasia Hallenbeck, PhD

  • Director of the Math Center
  • Professor

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Complex Analysis (1987)
    University of Delaware (DE)

About Me

Mathematics has a dual nature. On one hand, it is a creative, intellectual endeavor where the main object is the quest for clarity. On the other hand, it is the language of science. It is the latter identity that is most familiar to both university students and the public at large. However, it is the former that occupies us in our daily, professional lives the most. All mathematics, starting with calculus, can be used as training in analytical thinking.

The particular challenge of having to prove everything we come to believe in our mathematical journey has diverse rewards, from "getting" the actual result to discovering a newfound freedom from memorization via increased confidence in our intellectual ability.

My students get used to being challenged and learn to defend or revise their conjectures. We prove everything we claim. It is liberating; it is fun; and it becomes second nature.

Media Expertise

  • Geometric function theory
  • Complex analysis
  • Extreme points
  • Span of simple closed curves