Kathleen R. Sheikh

Kathleen R. Sheikh, Ph.D., NP-BC, CNE

  • Associate Professor
  • Associate Dean of Graduate Nursing Programs

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Doctor of Philosophy- Nursing Education (2016)
    Widener University (PA)

About Me

I am an Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean at Widener University, Chester, PA where I teach in the graduate program and assist in coordinating the family nurse practitioner program. My scholarly agenda focuses on theory-guided practice. I maintain clinical practice as a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner. My clinical practice experience includes caring for women in an independent nurse practitioner practice, and volunteer service as a nurse practitioner in area free clinics to the local underserved population and the migrant farmworker community.

In my role as an educator, it my ambition to create learning environments that engage and encourage intellectual curiosity and self-efficacy to motivate and promote life-long learning in students. As a nurse educator, it is incumbent upon me to encourage and promote nursing theory as central to shaping theory-guided practice. Mentoring students in academic pursuits, as well as fostering personal and professional growth of students are of great importance. Each student has unique abilities and potential to contribute to the profession of nursing.

I utilize strategies to facilitate meaningful learning, and the assimilation and construction of new knowledge. Experiential knowledge, through service learning, is invaluable for students to learn in a way that transcends the traditional classroom setting. I have witnessed the transformative nature of students¹ service experience in changing perspective, purpose, and enhance the emotional intelligence of future practitioners in their caring interaction with individuals and families.

Teaching is a dynamic process that requires ongoing self-assessment and education; making the most of what is known, but the courage to try new strategies. Contributing to evidence-based teaching strategies is important to establish the best student outcomes, and ultimately the future of nursing.

Research Interests

My research interests include care of vulnerable populations, palliative care, and health care policy. I have presented nationally and internationally.


In the Media


  • Nursing Professor Publishes Promising Learning Strategy for Integrating Telehealth Practices

    Associate Professor and Assistant Dean of Nursing Kathleen Sheikh published a paper in the Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners titled, “Rapid-cycle deliberate practice telehealth as an integrative learning strategy in nurse practitioner education.” The paper shares a cognitive technique called rapid-cycle deliberate practice that teaches learners skills through purposeful repetition and accumulation. Students were able to combine skills and previous knowledge from in-person simulation sessions and translate those experiences toward telehealth services. 

    Share link: https://www.widener.edu/news/noteworthy/nursing-professor-publishes-promising-learning-strategy-integrating-telehealth-practices