Loyd D. Bastin

Loyd D. Bastin, PhD

  • Associate Dean of Sciences
  • Coordinator of Undergraduate Research
  • Professor
Media Expertise:
  • Science & Environment

Affiliated Programs


  • PhD, Organic Chemistry (2000)
    University of Washington (WA)
  • BA, Chemistry (1994)
    University of Kentucky (KY)

About Me

I have dedicated my academic career to the incorporation of sustainability and research into the undergraduate curriculum. These passions are evident in the merging of my teaching and research interests over the years. I have created a cyclic research program in the design of greener organic reactions and syntheses that involve Widener undergraduate students from the sophomore organic chemistry courses, the senior chemistry capstone course, and my research lab. I have worked to incorporate sustainability into all of my courses. I led the redesign of the organic chemistry curriculum to incorporate green chemistry into the lecture and laboratory courses.  Additionally, I led efforts to have Widener become the first Pennsylvania institution to sign Beyond Benign's Green Chemistry Commitment.  Recently, I have leveraged green chemistry and sustainability to engage my students in community and political engagement projects that include the development of white papers on current environmental issues and the presentation of those white papers to local and state representatives.

Research Interests

My research with Widener undergraduate students focuses on the development of greener syntheses of pharmaceuticals. Currently we are working on the greener synthesis of isoxazole and maleimide derivatives. We look to 'green' the synthetic process by reducing waste, using greener reagents, and designing for energy efficiency.


·      L.D. Bastin, “Political engagement in Organic Chemistry: An advocacy project utilizing green and sustainable chemistry.”  Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 202316 (1) doi: 10.1080/17518253.2023.2185546.

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·      L.D. Bastin, M. Nigam, S. Martinus, J.E. Maloney, L.L. Benyack, B. Gainer, “Synthesis of substituted N-phenylmaleimides and use in a Diels-Alder reaction: A green multi-step synthesis for an undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory.”  Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 201912 (2), 127-135, DOI: 10.1080/17518253.2019.1609596.

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Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Alpha Chi Sigma, Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR), American Chemical Society (ACS)


  • Widener University, Distinguished University Professor, 2020-2023
  • Widener University, Faculty Institutional Leadership Award, 2018
  • Cynthia H. Sarnoski Science Faculty Fellow, July 2015–July 2017
  • Widener University, College of Arts & Sciences, Faculty Award for Excellence in Research (Science), 2016
  • Widener University President's Lecture, February 2015


In the Media


  • Chemistry Faculty Awarded Inaugural Teaching Green Fellowship from the Green Chemistry Institute

    Loyd Bastin, associate dean of science and professor of chemistry and biochemistry, has been chosen as the first-ever recipient of the Teaching Green Fellowship by the Green Chemistry Institute at the American Chemical Society. Bastin will be honored at the upcoming 28th Annual Green Chemistry & Engineering (GC&E) Conference.  

    This award recognizes innovation and creativity in the development of curriculum materials with green chemistry and sustainability topics as a focus, and that prepares students for future careers where they can address global challenges.

    Throughout his time at Widener, Bastin strives to incorporate political advocacy and activism into his courses, specifically as it pertains to environmental topics. This award will help provide funding for Bastin and students working with him to assist in their work, as well as travel expenses to attend GC&E Conferences.

    Share link: https://www.widener.edu/news/noteworthy/chemistry-faculty-awarded-inaugural-teaching-green-fellowship-green-chemistry-institute

  • Chemistry Faculty Member Named Distinguished University Professor

    Loyd Bastin was named a  Distinguished University Professor at the 2020 Faculty Awards event. The designation recognizes faculty of distinction and demonstrates to the broader community that Widener is committed to recognizing excellence in teaching, scholarship and service throughout a faculty member’s career. Bastin’s passion for promoting sustainable practices has led to an active and productive research program in green chemistry, sustainability and education. His recent co-edited book “Integrating Green and Sustainable Chemistry Principles into Education” and numerous invited presentations reflect his reputation as an important scholar. Bastin’s contributions to university leadership include shepherding the chemistry department to environmentally sustainable lab practices, and raising sustainability awareness across campus. As a member of the Vision 2021 GO Team and as chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, Bastin has worked toward implementing rigorous academic practices, clarifying academic policies and developing new programs for student success. 

    Share link: https://www.widener.edu/node/17386/

  • Loyd Bastin Co-Edits Book on Green and Sustainable Chemistry Principles

    Widener Professor and Associate Dean of Sciences Loyd Bastin co-edited a book “Integrating Green and Sustainable Chemistry Principles into Education.” The book, published in July 2019, draws on the knowledge and experience of scientists and educators already working on how to encourage green chemistry integration into their teaching, both within and outside of academia. One of the book chapters on promoting political and civic engagement in a non-major sustainable chemistry course was written by Bastin and Chemistry Department Chair Andrea Martin.

    Share Link: https://www.widener.edu/node/11416/