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Chemistry Major (BS/BA)

Tackle global issues like sustainability by investigating the building blocks of life when you study chemistry. Supported by award-winning professors, you'll gain hands-on experience to take far beyond the lab.

Biochemistry Student

Program Overview

Embarking on a degree in chemistry at Widener will give you the skills necessary to study the tiniest details of the greatest global issues.

Choose the traditional bachelor’s of science (BS) track to prepare for careers where a BS is required, such as research scientist, technical service, or graduate study in chemistry, or the bachelor’s of arts (BA) track to allow flexible, cross-disciplinary education in preparation for technical sales or professional graduate programs in medicine, pharmacy, law, or physical or occupational therapy. Both degrees offer the possibility of double majors and minors.

Innovative research lives at the heart of your chemistry education. You'll get involved in meaningful research as early as your sophomore year and complete your degree with an independent study project. A practical skill set plus your unique research interests mean you'll be ready to take on a rewarding career in many science professions, including research chemistry, forensics, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and beyond.

And you'll be supported all the way. With small class sizes, you'll receive individualized attention from nationally-recognized faculty who value the chance to get to know you.

The bachelor's of science chemistry degree is certified by the American Chemical Society.


Program Options

Students have the option to pursue two chemistry degrees—a bachelor's of science or a bachelor's of arts. The first three semesters of both degrees are identical, giving you the flexibility to select either path during your second year of study. Students are encouraged to declare their degree early in their program and no later than the end of their sophomore year.

Bachelor's of Science (BS) in Chemistry Degree with ACS Certification

The chemistry BS provides in-depth, rigorous, and research-focused coursework across all chemistry disciplines preparing students for careers in research and for graduate study in chemistry. As part of the core curriculum, BS students will receive their nationally-recognized American Chemical Society (ACS) certification giving them the leading edge as technically-prepared chemistry professionals.

BS students interested in graduate professional schools (e.g., medical or law school) may work with their academic advisor to ensure they meet all requirements.

Explore benefits of an ACS certified-degree

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Bachelor's of Arts (BA) in Chemistry Degree

The chemistry BA degree provides a solid background in various disciplines of chemistry with greater flexibility for students wishing to complete professional pathways or explore other interests. It is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate professional work in medical school, pharmacy school, physician assistant programs, forensics, physical or occupational therapy, and law, and for those interested in careers where a BS degree may not be required, such as pharmaceutical sales and chemical technician. Students interested in ACS certification can work with their faculty advisor to include the additional coursework required to meet certification standards.

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Interested in sustainability?

In addition to a BA or BS in chemistry, Widener University also offers a BS in Green Chemistry.

Widener's pre-professional pathways give you the flexibility to follow your interests while preparing for a professional career.

Chemistry majors can participate in the following pathways:

Dual Degree Option: BS/BSE in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

BS students may earn a BS/BSE in chemistry/chemical engineering enrolled in both the College of Arts & Sciences and the School of Engineering. Students interested in pursuing this dual degree option should apply to both the chemistry BS and chemical engineering BSE when applying to Widener. 

Students pursuing the BS/BSE dual degree option can work with their advisor to meet the additional requirements for American Chemical Society (ACS) certification. ACS certification will require additional coursework. Loading... for this dual degree.

Flexible Double Major Options for BA Students

The bachelor's of arts in chemistry affords students the option to pursue many double major combinations based on their interests. Examples include but are not limited to:

  • BA Chemistry/BA Environmental Science & Sustainability
  • BA Chemistry/BA Foreign Language
  • BA Chemistry/BA Business

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Students interested in teaching high school can pursue either a major in Loading... or a major in chemistry with additional education requirements. To pursue a chemistry major and secondary education certification requirements, please consult with your academic advisor to develop a plan.

Program Highlights

With hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs and knowledge of complex global issues, our chemistry graduates hold resumes distinguished by career-specific learning opportunities.

ACS Accredited

Show employers you're prepared with a bachelor's of science degree from an American Chemistry Society accredited program and an ACS certification.

12:1 Student-Faculty Ratio

Small class sizes allow faculty to make you the priority.

Biochemistry Green Seal

Culture of Sustainability

As the first Pennsylvania institution to sign the Green Chemistry Commitment to transform university-level chemistry education, we're on the cutting-edge of all things green. With sustainably-informed curriculum and faculty engaged in the latest in environmentally-conscious research, you'll be prepared to enter a career with global sustainability goals in mind.

Chemistry Research Presentation

Meaningful Research

With opportunities to get involved in research after your first year, you'll constantly be putting your knowledge to use in the lab. Working with professional-grade equipment in state-of-the-art labs, you'll have the chance to present and perhaps publish your own research, putting you on the inside track long before you graduate.

Faculty Student in Lab

A Second Family

You'll build meaningful relationships with your professors in small classes that focus on your individual needs and goals. With first-year labs capped at 16 students and most lectures capped at 30 students, you won't get lost in the crowd—you'll build a second family that supports you both personally and professionally.

Clubs & Organizations

Chemistry majors have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations across and outside campus to expand their network, including the Chemistry Club, the Criminal Justice Organization, and many more.


Our professors invest in your success through close mentoring and continual feedback. Get to know our chemistry faculty.

Scott E. Van Bramer

"Science programs at Widener are designed so that students learn how to make decisions and answer questions. An undergraduate degree is not about learning to follow directions, it is about learning to look for questions, finding answers, and learning how you know."

Andrea E. Martin
Associate Professor

Widener has the feeling of a small school with many of the benefits of a large university. Chemistry students carry out meaningful research in well-equipped labs, working closely with their faculty advisors. I love that I get to know all of our students as individuals, and it’s a joy to celebrate their successes as they develop their professional skills and move on to their careers.

Inside Track to Success

Inside Track to Success

Our graduates are starting successful careers in the chemical industry, attending graduate school in chemistry or forensics, or pursuing professional degrees such as medicine, pharmaceuticals, and law.

Outlook & Outcomes

Potential Careers

  • Chemical researcher
  • Pharmacist
  • Forensic scientist
  • Nurse
  • Patent lawyer

Industry Growth

Job outlook for forensic science technicians, who aid criminal investigations by analyzing evidence, is expected to grow 6% by 2030.

Source: Bureau of Labor of Statistics

Recent Employers

  • Church & Dwight
  • Penn State University
  • Notre Dame University
  • Northern VA Family Service
  • Geisinger Medical Center

Pride Perspectives

Hear from our students about their experience in the chemistry program.

You make time for the things you love. I love chemistry and learning. I love being a leader on campus and learning how to be a better person every day.

Aidan Looby

Aidan's Story

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