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Alumni Tuition Discount

You walked across that stage to receive your diploma once from Widener. Come and do it again! If you're interested in returning to Widener to complete a graduate program, you may be eligible to receive significant savings.

Alumni Discount FAQs

Alumni will not receive an alumni discount for enrolling in the following programs:

  • All undergraduate programs, including the Accelerated BSN and RN-BSN-MSN as well as students pursuing a 4+1, 4+2, or 3+3 pathway
  • Widener-Crozer Partnership programs
  • Programs at Widener Law Commonwealth or Widener Delaware Law, with the exception of dual degree partial discount
  • Online Master's in Social Work (MSW) program, with the exception of dual degree partial discount (the on-campus MSW is eligible)
  • Master's in Physician Assistant Studies

To qualify, a student must have earned a degree from Widener prior to enrolling in their graduate degree. Widener students who graduated from Widener with an undergraduate degree but are participating in an accelerated 4+1, 4+2, or 3+3 program are not eligible for the discount because the accelerated pathway provides a discount greater than the 20% discount offered in the alumni program.

Students in 4+3 programs do qualify for the discount.

Programs that allow doctoral students to complete a master's degree as part of their study, like the PsyD program, are not considered alumni for the latter years of doctoral study. The tuition saved on coursework double-counting to both the master's and doctoral degrees in such programs far exceeds the discount offered in the alumni discount program.

Students pursuing a dual degree in which only one degree is participating in the alumni discount program will receive the discount toward coursework associated with the participating degree. Discounts will not be applied to coursework completed at Widener Law Commonwealth, Widener Delaware Law, or the online Master’s in Social Work program.

Widener offers students many paths to savings, and while we don't offer "double discounts," we'll make sure you get the biggest financial benefit you're eligible for. University aid that may override the alumni discount includes:

  • Graduate assistantships
  • University or departmental scholarships
  • Educational partnership discounts

Here are a few examples demonstrating the discount allocations:

  • If you receive a small scholarship and the 20% discount is a greater value, your scholarship will be cancelled and the larger alumni discount will be applied.
  • If you receive the 20% alumni discount and later receive a more generous scholarship, your discount will be cancelled and replaced with the larger scholarship.
  • If you qualify for both the 20% alumni discount and a 20% educational partnership discount, only one will be applied to your bill.

The discount applies only to the tuition portion of a student’s bill, excluding any fees or miscellaneous charges.

For new students who indicated their alumni status on their application, the discount is generally applied on their first student bill.

Existing spring 2022 students already enrolled are being reviewed for the discount. The discount should be applied sometime after the add/drop period has closed. Students will not receive a late fee if payment is still due while this discount review is occurring.

No. Because Widener employees receive tuition remission as an employee benefit, employees are ineligible for the reduced tuition. Extending the reduced tuition to employee-alumni affords the employee no additional benefit as the 20 percent discount would also be a taxable benefit (i.e., the employee’s tax obligations do not change under either pricing scenario).

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