Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

Your education is one of the most important investments you can make for your future. Explore the average tuition and fees of a full-time, undergraduate student enrolled at Widener University.

Making College Affordable

When comparing the cost of attending college, be sure to look beyond the sticker price. Because Widener is a private university, we are able to offer financial assistance packages that bring this exceptional education within reach.

95% Receive Financial Aid

We help bring your education within reach—95% of undergrad students receive financial aid

$20+ Million in Scholarships & Grants

Thanks to our generous donors, we offer $20+ million in scholarships and grants.

Scholarships Start at $80,000

Undergraduate academic scholarships start at $80,000 over 4 years

$15,000 Transfer Scholarships

Scholarships for transfer students start at $15,000 per academic year.

Get in Touch

Our admissions team and financial aid offices are ready to help you plan to finance your Widener education.