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Looking to hire interns, co-op students, or full-time employees? Look no further. Our students are career-ready and we work with employers like you to recruit the talent you need.

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91% of Grads Achieve Career Goals

Within 6 months of graduation, 91% of Class of 2020 was employed, in grad school, or in military/other service, according to survey data.

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1000+ Organizations

provide experiential learning opportunities for Widener students in co-ops, internships, clinics, or public service in a single year

Students gain experience by working in the community

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Our business, engineering, and computer science students partner with employers like you as part of our flexible, supportive co-op program. Students enter your workplace prepared to make meaningful contributions thanks to professional development workshops. And our staff provides support for employers and students throughout the process.

Co-Ops & Internships

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Micro-Internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that enable students from all majors to build and demonstrate skills where exploring a variety of career paths. Unlike traditional internships, Micro-Internships can take place year-round and typically range from 5 to 40 hours of work.

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Employers' Guide to Co-Op

The co-op program includes students in the following majors:


Arts & Sciences


Our program offers two flexible co-op cycles:

Cycle #1: August to January

  • 2nd semester sophomores
  • 2nd semester juniors
  • 1st semester seniors

Cycle #2: January to August

  • 1st semester seniors prior to senior year
  • 2nd semester juniors

Employers may choose to offer a position for all or part of this 8-month cycle.

  • Employers receive student resumes in early May (for cycle #1) or late August (for cycle #2).
  • Employers may interview a student as soon as they receive his or her resume by contacting the Career Design and Development office and providing the student’s name and a job description. Employers can manage the interview process on their own, or commission the Career Design and Development office to take charge.
  • Before extending an offer to a student, employers contact the Career Design and Development office with salary information and offer deadlines.

All co-op students work full-time: 32 hours per week or more.

Co-op students should receive a fair market wage. Career Design and Development staff can help research wages.

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