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We put these ESG lawyers to the test

Commonwealth Professor of Environmental Law and Sustainability John Dernbach weighed in on how law firms are advising clients in the environmental, social, and governance practice area.

Mid-Island Times

College Notes

Graduate Stephanie Pollino of Plainview earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Widener University. A list of other students who graduated in May 2021 appeared in Lancaster Online.

Academic Minute

Innovating a Safer Way to Compete

As part of Widener Week on Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute, Dawn Gulick, professor of physical therapy, shared about a mask that allows athletes to safely train during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Academic Minute

How Companies Can Best Utilize Star Employees

Today's edition of Widener Week on Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute, Yamuna Baburaj, assistant professor of management, explores how companies can best integrate top performing employees to remain competitive and successful. 

Academic Minute

Re-Imagining Sex Education for Muslim Adolescents

Widener Week on Inside Higher Ed's Academic Minute continues with Shaakira Abdullah, professor of nursing, who discusses her research focused on developing an evidence-based  HIV and sex education program for Muslim-American adolescents.

Academic Minute

Understanding the Future of Automated Self-Driving

This week is Widener Week on Academic Minute, Insider Higher Ed's daily podcast that features experts from top colleges and universities from across the country. Ali Hamza, assistant professor of engineering, outlines the technological capabilities that are making automated self-driving a reality.

Coast to Coast AM

Occult Hollywood Unveiled / Open Lines

Widener Law School graduate Robert Sullivan is a guest on this episode discussing occult symbolism in popular Hollywood movies.