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The English Suite

A conversation about Romantic period magazine culture

Christine Woody, assistant professor of English, and Widener students Jattu Fahnbulleh, Cloë Di Flumeri, Stefan Cozza, and Seth Glickman are guests on the podcast discussing the Romantic period magazine culture and their summer research textual scholarship project which involved the 19th century periodical Blackwood's Edinburgh magazine and its running series Noctes Ambrosianae. 

Fox 29

News at 10

This year's Homecoming event, including the broom drill, tailgate, and Pride football game, was featured in this weekend news coverage.

Money Geek

Expert Insights: Online Software vs. Accountant

In this Q&A, Stephanie Wendling, an instructor in the School of Business Administration, compares the benefits of using an online software versus an accountant when filing your taxes.


How to take the politics out of vaccine mandates in the workplace

Angie Corbo, associate professor of communications, provides expert commentary on approaches that companies can use to introduce COVID-19 vaccination and testing policies that minimize political tensions and create a culture of transparency and trust.


I Am A Sex Therapy Graduate Student, And Here Are 6 Things I Think Everyone Should Know

Tatyannah King, a graduate student in the dual Social Work and Human Sexuality program, writes about her experience in the program and shares helpful tips to enhance sexual wellness and understanding. The article also cites research published by Associate Professor Brooke Wells as well as the Human Sexuality Archives compiled in the Wolfgram Memorial Library. 

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The Chester Spirit

Soccer is a passion shared and enjoyed in Chester

Tife Akintunde, a men's soccer team player and senior communications studies major, writes about his experience volunteering in the community, including with Chester Upland Youth Soccer, a non-profit that provides free soccer programming, mentorship, nutrition education and special events for underserved local children.

BBC News

China faces electricity shortages

Anthony Wheeler, dean of the School of Business Administration, is a guest on the World Matters podcast discussing his recent publication "HR Without People" and the need to prepare for a future where jobs and careers are displaced by technology. Click on the "China Faces Electricity Shortage" episode and scroll to 26:56 in the broadcast to hear the dean.

Top 3 with Marcia O'Connor

Episode 16: Lou Rodriguez

Louis Rodriguez Jr., a civil engineering graduate, Board of Trustee member, and founder and CEO of Rodriguez Consulting LLC, is a guest on this podcast discussing his background, career and his path to entrepreneurship. 


Schools Must Adjust to Post-Pandemic Student Needs—These Programs Could Help

Zora Wolfe, associate professor and director of the K-12 Educational Leadership and Instructional Technology programs, weighs in on post-pandemic adjustments in schools and says that technology will continue to be integrated into classrooms after remote teaching during quarantine highlighted its many benefits.

The Plexuss Network

Dr Julie Wollman, President of Widener University

In this podcast, President Julie E. Wollman shares her insights into the transformational power of education, the university's development of an adaptable strategy, and the differentiating qualities of the Widener undergraduate and graduate student experience.