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Physical Therapy Professor Uncovers Unethical Implications of International Service-Learning

Kripa Dholakia, an assistant professor in the Institute for Physical Therapy Education, co-authored a research report in the Journal of Physical Therapy Education on ethical dilemmas in International Service-Learning (ISL). Titled “Uncovering Ethical Dilemmas in International Service-Learning: A Grounded Theory,” the study used a constructive theory ground approach to understand the experiences, perceptions, and insights of faculty, students, and alumni who attended an ISL experience as well as to analyze the participants’ ethical nature. Ten students, six faculty members and five alumni from varying doctor of physical therapy programs across the country travelled to Central America to take part in an ISL program to identify potential ethical misconduct. The groups’ experience indicated that further research is needed to identify best practices for future ISL experiences to prevent future ethical dilemmas from arising.

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