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Janine Utell
College of Arts and Sciences

English Chair Janine Utell Publishes Book "Teaching Modernist Women's Writing in English"

Professor Janine Utell, chair of English, edited the book, "Teaching Modernist Women's Writing in English". The essays in the volume explore formal aspects and thematic concerns of modernism while also challenging rigid notions of what constitutes literary value as well as the idea of a canon with fixed boundaries.

The essays contextualize modernist women's writing in the material and political concerns of the early twentieth century and in life on the home front during wartime. They consider the original print contexts of the works and propose fresh digital approaches for courses ranging from high school through graduate school. Suggested assignments provide opportunities for students to write creatively and critically, recover forgotten literary works, and engage with their communities.

The book will be available for purchase on July 1, 2021 and was published by Modern Language Association of America.

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Pride Banners in front of Old Main
Widener University

Widener Announces Recipients of 2021-2022 Faculty Scholarship

The Widener University Faculty Scholarship, an endowment funded primarily by faculty donations, recognizes the outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students in and outside the classroom. Nominees are selected from each school and college in their junior year and are awarded funds to assist with their tuition in their senior year. 

The 2021-2022 awardees are:

Hannah Berard, Alana Fitchett (College of Health and Human Services)

Erin Coffey, Madeline Dutterer, Samantha Mendelson (College of Arts and Sciences)

Angelina Franceschini, Camryn Samuel, Kathleen Sorah (School of Nursing)
Nicholas Lubeck, Michael Oravic (School of Engineering)
Sarah McFarland, Danielle Mininno (School of Business Administration)

Those who are interested in supporting the Faculty Scholarship, can go to and indicate 'Faculty Scholarship' for gift designation. 


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Hongwei Yang
College of Arts and Sciences

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Awarded Faculty Fellowship

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Hongwei Yang has been awarded nearly $5,000 from the Penn State Materials Research Facilities Network, which is part of a nationwide partnership with the National Science Foundation, to support faculty-student research on the project "Design novel metal-organic frameworks for non-enzymatic electrochemical glucose senor." Working with undergraduate students, Dr. Yang is conducting research to advance the development of low-cost, reliable non-enzymatic glucose sensors for people with diabetes.

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Andrea E. Martin
College of Arts and Sciences

Chemistry Associate Professor Awarded $13,000 Grant for Oil Spill Research

Associate Professor of Chemistry Andrea Martin was awarded a $13,000 grant from the Oiled Wildlife Care Network to continue her research with undergraduate students. Dr. Martin and her students, in partnership with Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research, have been testing detergents to determine which is most effective for cleaning oil from the feathers of birds.

Read more about the research:

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Rosalyn M. Goldstein
Wolfgram Memorial Library

Assistant Librarian Presents at the 2021 Innovative Users' Group Conference

Assistant Librarian Roz Goldstein presented on the topic "Using Mobile Worklists for Limited Contact Weeding" at the annual Innovative Users' Group (IUG) conference on March 22, 2021. Presenting to an international membership, Goldstein shared the library's experience of using the Sierra library system’s Mobile Worklist application to support a workflow that allowed the library to continue with its collections maintenance project while mostly working remotely from home during the pandemic.  

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Jeffrey C. Lolli
School of Business Administration

School of Business Administration Professor Jeff Lolli Publishes Article on Craft Beverage Business Marketing

Professor Jeffrey Lolli recently co-authored an article, entitled 'Evaluating the Use of Sense of Place as a Business Strategy in the Marketing and Promotion of Craft Beverage Tourism,' in the Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Cases. The article highlighted the use sense of place as a business strategy in the marketing and promotion of craft beverage tourism for one New Jersey brewery through the lens of the Multidisciplinary Framework for Place-Conscious Education. The case will help educate students/future craft beverage entrepreneurs/educators on the challenges of an increasingly competitive craft beverage business environment.

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Janelle Williams
Center for Graduate and Continuing Studies

Graduate & Continuing Studies Associate Dean Janelle Williams Co-Authors Report on Partnerships at HBCUs

Graduate and Continuing Studies Associate Dean Janelle Williams, Ed.D. co-authored a report, entitled "Presidents and and their Strategies to Build Partnerships at HBCUs." 

This report was developed by Zachary C. Brown of Purdue University, Williams, and Levon T. Esters of Purdue University, and was co-sponsored by brightspot strategy and the second of a three-part "Year of Leadership" Series in The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Leadership, Equity, and Justice.

The report emphasizes the importance of successful partnerships between Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other institutions, industries, and community partners.

According to the report, HBCUs have been historically disadvantaged when compared to their Predominantly White Institution (PWI) counterparts. State and federal governments disproportionately support and provide funding to PWIs as compared to HBCUs. 

Report findings conclude that while some partnerships and leadership practices are distinct to particular institutions, commonalities are present as well. These include prioritizing student and community needs. Each university president discussed diverse criteria when choosing partners, but they all kept institutional and student success in mind as they engage partners. 

The report can be accessed here:

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Robert J. Bruce Graduate Center
College of Health & Human Services

Physical Therapy Professors Explore International Clinical Education

Institute for Physical Therapy Education faculty Ellen Erdmanclinical associate professor and director of clinical education, and Jill Black, associate dean of College of Health & Human Services and the director of the Institute, co-authored a report in the journal Physical Therapy Education.

The purpose of the article was to compare and contrast the physical therapy international clinical education experience in both the developed and developing country and compare the experiences to professional standards and guidelines.

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Amy R. Franzini
College of Arts and Sciences

Communication Studies Professor Publishes Article in The Journal of Children and Media

Amy Franzini, associate professor of communication studies and digital media informatics, recently had an article, entitled "U.S. coviewing during COVID" published in a special issue of The Journal of Children and Media. The special issue was entitled "Children, Media, and the Clarity of Crises in 2020."

The article focused on how the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 provided a unique opportunity for Franzini to interweave her personal family life, as a parent, and professional life, as a researcher of teachable moments in children's media.

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Jill D. Black
College of Health & Human Services

Professor Co-Authors Research in Physical Therapy Education

Jill Black, associate dean of the College of Health & Human Services and director of the Institute for Physical Therapy, is a co-author on the research report "Defining Global Health Competencies for Entry-Level Physical Therapist Education." The report, which was published in the journal Physical Therapy Education, investigated a framework to integrate a global health perspective into physical therapy curricula. 

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People walk in front of the Quick Center building
School of Business Administration

Professor Emeritus of Health Care Management Publishes Book Chapter

Michael Rosko, professor emeritus of health care management, published a book chapter, “Profitability of Rural Hospitals: An Analysis of Government Payment Policies,” in Advances in Healthcare Management, Volume 19, A Focus on Consumerism and Profitability. The book was edited by Jennifer Hefner and Mona Al-Amin and published by Emerald Publishing 2020 Bingley, UK.

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head shot of Jennifer Morrell
Veterans Law Clinic

Veterans Law Clinic Director Joins National Scholarship Committee

Delaware Law School Veterans Law Clinic Director Jennifer Morrell has joined the Scholarship Committee of the National Law School Veterans Clinic Consortium and has taken the lead in managing and restarting the organization’s blog. Her post about NLSVCC’s virtual bootcamp for veterans clinic interns and faculty was noted on the web site for the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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Kim A. Noble
School of Nursing

Nursing Faculty Publishes in JBI Evidence Implementation

Kim Noble, associate professor of nursing, published research in the March 2021 issue of the journal JBI Evidence Implementation. Her findings demonstrated a reduction in both postoperative pain and patient length of stay within a postoperative day surgery podiatric patient population through the use of podiatric enhanced recovery after surgery protocol, also known as PEP.

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Jeffrey C. Lolli
School of Business Administration

Hospitality Management Associate Professor Publishes Articles and Named to Editorial Board of New Journal

Associate Professor Jeff Lolli has been named to the founding editorial board of the International Journal of Gaming, Hospitality, and Tourism, a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for members of the gaming, hospitality, tourism, and events management community.

In addition, Lolli had two papers published in January: ‘Online hotel reviews: Factors influencing how customers perceive their credibility and the likelihood of customer adoption,’ which was published in the Journal of Applied Marketing Analytics, and ‘The Influence of Background Sounds, Physical Sounds, and Managers’ Proactive Customer Service Regarding Situational Sounds on Customer Satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry,’ which was co-authored by Department Head of Management Brian Larson and published in the Journal of Small Business Strategy.

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Founders Hall
School of Nursing

Nursing Faculty and Alumna Publish Article in American Nurse

Nursing faculty DeLisa Cofer, assistant dean, Jawanza Bundy, assistant professor, and nursing alumna Erika Nicholls '19 published an article in American Nurse, the official journal of the American Nurses Association. Titled "Black Americans in Nursing Education," the article discusses the racial disparities among nursing students and faculty and ways to promote diversity within the field including efforts to recruit and support Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) in faculty and student roles. 

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Catherine Safran Profile Image
College of Arts & Sciences/School of Nursing

Biology Faculty and Nursing Students Co-Author Article in Imprint Magazine

Catherine Kim-Safran, assistant professor of biology, and undergraduate nursing students Makayla Chatman and Alexandria Reid co-authored an article that ran in the January 2021 issue of Imprint, the official membership magazine of the National Student Nurses’ Association. Reflecting on their experiences leading and serving as peer-learning assistants for anatomy and physiology labs that transferred fully online during the COVID-19 pandemic, the authors reported on the impact of peer mentoring on student success and best online teaching practices.

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Paul Baker
College of Arts and Sciences

Physics Professors’ Research Finds Possible ‘First Hints’ of Low-Frequency Gravitational Waves

Dr. Paul Baker, an assistant professor of physics, co-authored an article in The Astrophysical Journal Letters based on data gathered and analyzed over 13 years by the North American Nanohertz Observatory for Gravitational Waves (NANOGrav). The published findings, “The NANOGrav 12.5-year Data Set: Search For An Isotropic Stochastic Gravitational-Wave Background,” shows an intriguing low-frequency signal that may be attributable to gravitational waves from merging supermassive black holes in other galaxies.

NANOGrav researchers studying the signals from distant pulsars – small, dense stars that rapidly rotate, emitting beamed radio waves, much like a lighthouse – have used radio telescopes to collect data that may indicate the effects of gravitational waves.

Gravitational waves are ripples in space-time caused by the movements of incredibly massive objects, such as black holes orbiting each other or neutron stars colliding. Astronomers cannot observe these waves with a telescope like they do stars and galaxies. Instead, they measure the effects passing gravitational waves have, namely tiny changes to the precise position of objects - including the position of the Earth.

But gravitational waves can interrupt this observed regularity, as the ripples cause space-time to undergo tiny amounts of stretching and shrinking. Those ripples result in extremely small deviations in the expected times for pulsar signals arriving on Earth. Such deviations indicate that the position of the Earth has shifted slightly.

By studying the timing of the regular signals from many pulsars scattered over the sky at the same time, known as a “pulsar timing array,” NANOGrav works to detect minute changes in the Earth’s position due to gravitational waves stretching and shrinking space-time. 

These newest findings set up direct detection of gravitational waves as the possible next major step for NANOGrav and other members of the International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA), a collaboration of researchers using the world’s largest radio telescope. Baker has been a member of NANOGrav since 2016.

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Barbara J. Patterson
School of Nursing

Nursing Professor Publishes Textbook on Caring for Military and Veterans

Barbara Patterson, professor and director of the nursing doctoral program, published "Veteran-centered Care in Education and Practice," a resource for nurse educators on how to incorporate caring for the military and veteran population into the curriculum and student clinical experiences. Patterson co-authored the book with nursing alumna and former military nurse Brenda Elliott as well as Katie A. Chargualaf, assistant professor of nursing at University of South Carolina Aiken.

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Photo of Deb Morley
Wolfgram Memorial Library

Library Director Named to Board of State Library Consortium

Deb Morley, director of the Wolfgram Memorial Library, was named to the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI). The PALCI membership consists of 70 academic and research libraries, private and public, in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, and New York. Member institutions range from small liberal arts colleges to publicly funded universities to Association of Research Library institutions to the State Library of Pennsylvania. 

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Kerri C. Brannen
School of Business Administration

Business Professor Publishes Article on Cultural Variables

Associate Professor of Management Kerri Crowne Brannen recently published the article “Does National Culture Influence Peer Evaluations on Global Virtual Teams?” in the Journal of Teaching in International Business. Research for her timely article indicated that cultural variables had a weak effect on peer assessment of performance, and the most influential variable on performance was English language ability. Brennan teaches in the School of Business Administration. 

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