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Safety on Campus

Your safety and well-being is our number one priority.

Campus Safety

campus safety officer

Safety Force

Our campus is patrolled 24/7 by a highly-trained Safety Force. While Main Campus is under the primary jurisdiction of the Chester Police Department, our campus safety officers are designated “special officers" with the power to detain and arrest on the immediate and adjacent vicinity of university property. 

Our Campus Safety Officers:

  • Monitor and respond to criminal activity
  • Monitor residence hall security
  • Activate crisis management and provide timely warnings
  • Direct emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • Supervise fire safety
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Campus Surveillance & Call Boxes

Our campus is home to a closed-circuit surveillance camera system monitored by safety officers. There are also 71 blue emergency call boxes across campus for alerting officers.

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Campus Shuttles

Our campus shuttles will transport you daily to stops on campus and off. Individual escort service is also available, as is emergency transportation to nearby medical facilities if needed.

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Safe Space Ally Program

Our Safe Space Ally program offers numerous safe places on campus for you to come if you're experiencing any difficulties concerning bullying or harassment, the coming out process, gender identity, or related issues. These are judgment-free zones where trained allies will listen, assist you in working through an issue, and offer additional resources as needed. More than 150 faculty and staff members have been recognized as safe space allies. Faculty in our well-regarded human sexuality studies  program help facilitate.

Additional Safety Resources

The unapproved possession or use of ammunition, chemicals, flammable liquids, items that constitute a fire hazard, fireworks, offensive weapons, or explosives of any kind are strictly forbidden on campus. Offensive weapons include, without limitation, firearms of any kind, guns, pellet guns, B.B. guns, paintball guns, dart guns, bows and arrows, pepper spray and mace, any instrument that can hurl a projectile, brass knuckles, knives, hunting knives, and any other cutting instruments as determined within the sole discretion of the university, except those whose purpose is related to the preparation or consumption of food, as well as ammunition that can cause bodily harm. In addition, items that are not generally considered to be a weapon but could be used or viewed as a weapon are prohibited. Such items will be confiscated immediately.

Students violating these guidelines will be severely sanctioned up to and including expulsion. The university will report such violations to civil authorities if warranted.

Any of the above mentioned implements that are needed for a student’s activities or involvement on or off campus must be registered with the Office of Campus Safety and the Student Affairs Office; control and storage of these items shall be at the discretion of the Director of Campus Safety.

The university may permit exceptions to this procedure regarding items for the ROTC detachment, in which case control of these items shall be coordinated between the Director of Campus Safety and the military science professor. All such weapons must be placed in the secured arms area on campus.

Hazing is a serious cultural and public health problem that causes physical and mental harm to students nationwide. In continued support of hazing prevention and awareness, Widener University continues to prohibit all acts of hazing and adheres to the Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law, which defines hazing to include Hazing, Aggravated Hazing, and Organizational Hazing.

Learn More About Anti-Hazing

It's important to be prepared should an emergency occur so you know what do to and who to contact.

Review Emergency Preparedness Plan & Important Contacts

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