Career-Making Mentorship

Diamond Schuler Douyon '18 transferred to Widener because of its proximity to Philadelphia, family-like community, and powerhouse programs. But it was the meaningful faculty mentorship that defined her Widener student experience and led her to her career today.

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Diamond Schuler Douyon
Class of 2018
Communication Studies
  • College of Arts & Sciences
Career Plan: Nonprofit Communications & Advancement

The first time Diamond Schuler Douyon ‘18 stepped foot on Widener’s main campus, she knew she belonged.

After earning an associate’s degree in journalism at Bucks Community College, Schuler Douyon transferred to Widener for a four-year degree in communications. The college environment combined with Widener’s powerhouse programs introduced Schuler Douyon to a potential career in nonprofit communications and advancement.

“I love the university environment so I started to think about what that could look like for me post-graduation,” said Schuler Douyon.

Widener’s close proximity to Philadelphia, family-like community, and smooth transfer process all drew Schuler Douyon to Chester. When she arrived, she was welcomed with one-on-one guidance and support from faculty.

“On my first day I met with Professor Angie Corbo and within 24 hours she rearranged my schedule and perfectly fit me in to all of the communication and elective classes that I needed to be in. From there, she was my guardian angel.” —Diamond Schuler Douyon '18

That close faculty mentorship served as the bedrock of Schuler Douyon’s career at Widener. With help from Corbo and others, Schuler Douyon gained access to industry insiders that connected her to hands-on internships and opportunities which ultimately launched her career as the assistant director of Alumni Relations at Drexel University.

Above and Beyond Advising

As faculty advisor, Corbo partnered with Schuler Douyon throughout her academic career to keep her on track to earning a degree in two years. Schuler Douyon characterizes Corbo as often going above and beyond the role of advisor to at times serving as a mentor and confidant. Corbo took Schuler Douyon’s education personally and worked to ensure that she had the support and opportunities to prepare for her for the career.

Industry Connections

Internships at Widener’s communications office and organizations such as QVC gave Schuler Douyon experience working in different sectors of the field ahead of graduation. During a networking event on campus, Schuler Douyon was introduced to Doug Ferguson, an alumnus and communication studies advisory board member. Ferguson, a nonprofit development professional, recommended that Schuler Douyon apply for the CASE Advancement Internship program to follow her interest in non-profit communications and advancement. Both Ferguson and Corbo submitted letters of recommendation on Schuler Douyon’s behalf helping her to secure a spot in the highly competitive program.

Career Ready

The internship program boasted a wide network of universities and colleges across the country. After interviewing at institutions like Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania, Schuler Douyon accepted a position Drexel University’s Office of Institutional Advancement. The 12-week internship gave her real-world experience and connected her to professionals in the industry. Three weeks after the internship ended, Drexel offered Schuler Douyon a full-time position with room to grow. Today, Schuler Douyon serves as the assistant director of Alumni Relations. 

Career Plan: Nonprofit Communications & Advancement

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