A Global Purpose

With two Widener degrees completed, Mamadou Keita is leading a nonprofit that helps young people pursue their own education in his home country of Guinea.

Mamadou Keita is mentored by Professor Stephanie Schechner
Mamadou Keita
Class of 2013 and 2018
Master in Public Administration
  • College of Arts & Sciences
Passion: Leading a Global Nonprofit

When Mamadou Keita emigrated from his West African home country of Guinea to Pennsylvania, he had a mission: earn a college degree. Now, with that mission accomplished twice – a bachelor’s degree in international relations and French, and a master’s degree in public administration, both from Widener – he is helping young Guineans pursue their own education.

In addition to his job as a software contract administrator for Agilent Technologies, Mamadou ‘13 ‘18 is president of the nonprofit Guinean Alliance for Education and Development (GAED). He is leading a global team of over 30 volunteers achieving impressive results, from opening computer labs at universities in Guinea to distributing bicycles to children in rural villages who need them to travel to school.

I am very fortunate to have come to this country and received one of the best educations. My mindset now is ‘how can I give that type of opportunity to others back home in Guinea?’ - Mamadou Keita '13 '18

Leadership Development

Mamadou’s desire to help others permeated his first four years at Widener. He started a campus French Club and held leadership positions in several honor societies and clubs, which frequently organized service activities like raising funds to send eyeglasses to people in Haiti.

Giving Back

It was during this time that he also learned about the nonprofit GAED and got involved in the effort to help Guinean youth afford universities in Guinea and abroad.

Lifelong Mentorship

After graduating from Widener, French Professor Stephanie Schechner connected Mamadou with Agilent Technologies, as the company sought to hire an employee fluent in French. Schechner also serves as chair of GAED’s advisory board and has traveled with Mamadou to West Africa.

Real-World Skills

When Mamadou wanted to grow GAED, he returned to Widener for a master’s degree. The public administration program taught him how to market the nonprofit and establish relationships with donors.

Passion: Leading a Global Nonprofit

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