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International Relations Major (BA)

Take the inside-track to a career that prepares you for an interconnected global economy. You'll gain cross-cultural leadership skills in negotiation, analysis, and advocacy with an international relations degree.

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Program Overview

At Widener, you'll master the skills to analyze and assess political and economic relations on a global level. In the classroom you'll find yourself culturally immersed through simulations and training in foreign language.

You'll gain additional skills and experience through:

  • Study abroad
  • Co-curricular trips to Widener's international partners 
  • Simulations
  • Internships

Our focus on leadership development means you'll gain qualities and skills that will set you apart from others in the international relations field. You can tailor your degree to personal interests to prepare yourself for long-term success. Building confidence and leadership skills is just the beginning of what this degree will do for you.

Program Options

Here, you will prepare for a fast start and long-term career success with internships, research, leadership training, and a network of professionals.

You have the flexibility to tailor your degree to your personal interests. View the Loading... to learn more.

International relations majors can participate in the following pathways:

Program Highlights

We believe experiential learning should be at the core of any degree. That's why you'll take a hands-on approach to international relations by applying what you learn inside the classroom to unique and innovative activities outside of formal classes.

Students at EuroSim

Applied Leadership

With a variety of clubs and organizations on-campus you'll have multiple opportunities to lead and participate in politics and community engagement.

You'll take your knowledge of foreign governments and current events to participate in EuroSim. This European Union simulation is held in alternative years in Europe and the United States.

Students and faculty international relations

Faculty Mentorship

Small, interactive classes deepen your learning, and create a community of faculty, staff, and students. You'll have opportunities to work on unique research, get one-on-one advice, and regularly meet with a faculty mentor. Before long, your professors and classmates will feel like a second family. 

High Impact Practices and Research

You'll participate in high impact practice research to gain real-world experience exploring political affairs to set you apart from others in the international relations field.

Clubs & Organizations

International relations majors have the opportunity to join various clubs and organizations across and outside of campus to expand their network, including the Amnesty International clubs, the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), and many more.


Research & Innovation

James E. Vike
Director of Masters of Public Administration

"Our students care about furthering positive outcomes in society. My goal in the classroom is to help them do this by building managerial and leadership skills that improve work performance in the near term and aid career advancement."

Jeremy Backstrom
Assistant Professor

"My attraction to Widener came from the culture and practices of the departments I teach in. I immediately felt at home with the benefits of the small class sizes, which create a department culture that truly emphasizes an open-door policy, student-faculty collaborative research, and a significant interaction between students and professors."

Your Inside Track to Success

Your Inside Track to Success

Upon graduation, you'll have a resume distinguished by career-specific learning experiences and be ready for long-term success.

Outlook & Outcomes

Potential Careers

  • Intelligence Specialist
  • Grants Coordinator
  • Policy Analyst
  • Military 
  • Global Human Resources

Recent Employers

  • Global Philadelphia Association
  • Agilent Technologies
  • World Health Organization
  • US Army 
  • Ernst & Young Accounting Firm

Pride Perspectives

Hear from our students about their experience in the international relations program.

Mamadou Keita is mentored by Professor Stephanie Schechner

I am very fortunate to have come to this country and received one of the best educations. My mindset now is ‘how can I give that type of opportunity to others back home in Guinea?’

Mamadou Keita

Mamadou's Story

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