Paving Her Path

Davida Vogel '22 is blending her passions of clinical psychology and executive coaching through Widener's powerhouse clinical psychology (PsyD)/MBA dual degree program, clinical experience, and hands-on research and internships. 

Davida Vogel poses in front of a research poster
Davida Vogel
Class of 2022
Clinical Psychology/MBA Dual Degree
  • College of Health & Human Services
  • School of Business
Career Plan: Clinical Psychologist/Leadership Consultant

Davida Vogel ’22 is on the inside track to success. As a dual degree student in Widener’s graduate clinical psychology (PsyD)/MBA program, she has had the opportunity to apply clinical psychological principles in an organizational setting.  
While pursuing a dual graduate degree may seem daunting, Vogel is seizing the opportunity to put her passions of coaching and clinical psychology to work.  

Hands-On Experience

Vogel joined the PsyD program in 2017 and was met with a support system of faculty and fellow peers.   
From day one, she was connected to opportunities in the Greater Philadelphia area which gave her hands-on experience with psychoeducational testing and the treatment of mental illnesses.

My clinical experiences made all of the difference for my first year. I felt confident and competent in my ability to succeed. – Davida Vogel ‘22 

Exploring her Options

An Organizational Psychology course her second semester exposed an interesting opportunity for Vogel to pursue a dual degree in psychology and business administration.

“I never considered myself a businessperson and had no intention of pursuing a career in the field,” said Vogel.

Connecting her background in summer camp organization to the operation of corporate business practices led Vogel to a new discovery: organizational psychology was where she belonged.

“It truly clicked for me at that moment,” says Vogel. “It all started to make sense.”  

Researching to Lead

As a Tilelli Research Fellow, Vogel worked alongside the team at Widener’s Leadership Institute to research the psychology behind what encourages students to lead. Her research allowed her to explore another significant passion – coaching. Vogel used her skills to lead Widener’s student team at the Collegiate Leadership Competition.

Expanding beyond her graduate school network gave Vogel a better understanding of all that Widener had to offer. Her coaching role during the Collegiate Leadership Competition made Vogel feel connected to undergraduate students and campus culture, all while inspiring her research in student leadership.  

Organizing her Future

As a fourth-year graduate student, Vogel currently interns at the university’s Organizational Development Services, where she works alongside faculty and students to improve upon and recognize their leadership skills.

Widener’s powerhouse PsyD/MBA program will prepare her for a variety of routes in the industry, whether that be business or clinical. Vogel has her eyes set on a future in clinical psychology, or a position in consulting and leadership coaching.

Wherever she lands one thing is for sure, there’s no limit to where her education can take her.

Career Plan: Clinical Psychologist/Leadership Consultant

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