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Stackable Certificates to Save on Your Graduate Degree

Stack graduate certificates to earn a master's or doctoral degree on your terms—relaxing your timeline and course load while increasing your savings.

Benefits of Stacking Certificates

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Online or Hybrid Education

All stackable certificates are offered either 100% online allowing you to learn from anywhere or hybrid—a mix of on-campus and online.

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Significant Cost Savings

Most of our certificate courses cost 50% less than master's courses. You'll earn credits towards your degree at a significantly discounted rate.

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Small Commitments with Big Impact

You'll work your way towards a graduate degree in a relaxed timeline that fits a busy schedule.

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Pursue Your Interests at Your Own Pace

You'll concentrate on one area of personal or professional interest at a time. 

How it Works

Step 1:

Find a program that sparks your interest and explore the affiliated stackable certificates. 

Step 2:

Apply to and complete affiliated certificates to start accruing credits towards your degree. 

Step 3:

Seamlessly transfer earned credits into your program and complete any additional degree requirements.

Step 4:

Graduate proud—on your terms.

Graduate Degrees You Can Earn by Stacking Certificates

*Certificate credits offered by the School of Business Administration are not discounted.

FAQs About Stacking Certificates

Almost! You can nearly complete your entire degree by stacking certificates. The only additional requirement to earn your degree is to complete a capstone course. For more information, please discuss this option with your academic advisor. 

You can schedule a meeting with your academic advisor to figure out which certificates will work best for your short- and long-term goals. 

If you are interested in stacking your way to a full graduate degree, the relevant certificates will be listed on the graduate program page. 

Life happens and sometimes breaks are necessary. You can take up to seven (7) semesters off from your most recent class to continue your degree. 

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Save Even More on Your Education with the Help of Your Employer

Widener partners with many local organizations and corporations to offer discounted tuition rates. Many companies also offer higher education tuition remission to their employees which can help make your educational goals more affordable.

Regardless of your situation, our admissions team can help make your education affordable and can advise you on financial aid opportunities and payment plan options that will meet your needs. 

Contact our graduate admissions office for more information about stacking certificates.