widener graduate in cap and gown with widener pride flag

Let's Hear a Widener Pride Roar for the 2020 Graduates!

We are immensely proud of our graduates and welcome everyone who joins us to celebrate their achievements.

Special Messages for Our Graduates

President's Message: Julie E. Wollman

Dr. Wollman delivers a message to the graduating students, applauding their achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

"You persevered through exceptional challenges to earn your degrees. Today I celebrate your determination and your resilience."

Message to Undergraduate Students: Herbert Hampton

“I am so proud to say I’m part of the Class of 2020, because no matter what has been put in our path, we have shown great resiliency and great perseverance. I believe that these qualities are the qualities that set the Class of 2020 apart.”

Nominated by the community to deliver a message to the undergraduate students, Herbert Hampton is graduating with a bachelor's degree in accounting.

Message to Graduate Students: Alberta James

“Being here today is proof that we have the knowledge base to be great. Be confident in the knowledge you have acquired throughout this program. Never stop learning."

Nominated by the community to deliver a message to the graduate students, Alberta James is graduating with a master's degree in nursing (family nurse practitioner).

Alumni Message: Dr. Nick Caputo '03

Dr. Caputo, associate chief of Lincoln Medical Center's Department of Emergency Medicine in the South Bronx, welcomes graduates to the alumni family.

"Widener gave me the tools that I needed to make a difference and prepared me for some of life’s greatest challenges, like the ones that we’re facing today."

More Ways to Celebrate

Congrats 2020 Grads and Welcome to the Alumni Association!

Widener Pride Flag infront of Old Main building

Stay Connected with Widener

Congratulations on this great accomplishment! You are now part of the alumni community – a Pride – more than 60,000 alumni strong. No matter how far you are from Widener, you can always stay connected!

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