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Co-Ops & Internships

At Widener, your inside track to a successful career will be paved with outside-the-classroom, real-world experiences – the kind that will set you apart from the crowd.

Measured. Results.


of Widener seniors have completed a practicum, internship, or other hands-on experience compared to 52% of students at other colleges. Source: National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

100% Graduate in 4 Years

Students who participate in a 12-month co-op graduate in 4 years.

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1000+ Organizations

provide experiential learning opportunities for Widener students in co-ops, internships, clinics, or public service in a single year


of employers we surveyed expected students to complete an internship or field project to connect what they learn in class to the real-world

Explore Our Co-Op Program

Co-op is full-time, paid work experience relevant to your major. Our co-op program has a wide network of employers across the Philadelphia region and beyond, so you can work for some top organizations. Some students have gone as far as California for their co-op experience. And many employers extend full-time job offers to co-op students after graduation.

You can choose to participate in 4- or 8-month co-op cycles, or a combination of both to gain up to 12 months of work experience. You have the flexibility to create your own co-op schedule. The table below offers a suggested schedule, depending on the academic year you choose to work:

  Summer Fall Spring
Freshman   Study Study
Sophomore Study Work Study
Junior Study Study Work
Senior Work Study Study


While on co-op you do not pay tuition. You can choose to live on campus, at home, or even travel for co-op.

We offer a summer-long professional development series before your first co-op that teaches everything from industry-level Excel training to perfecting those all-important oral and written communication skills.

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Employer's Guide to Co-Op

For more than 30 years, our students have partnered with employers like you as part of our flexible, supportive co-op program. Widener students are career-ready and well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to your organization. And our professional staff provides support for employers and students throughout the co-op process.

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Pride Perspectives

Hear from our students about their co-ops and internships.

Widener gave me opportunities after opportunities. Every position I’ve had is because of the experiences I had.

Alanna DiBiasi

Alanna's Story

At Widener I’ve been getting ready for my career by doing it, in the lab and at my internship. When I graduate, I won’t just be starting my career. I’ll be continuing the work that I’ve been doing all along.

DeShawn Ivey

DeShawn's Story

I will be so ready for the real world because of the experiences Widener has given me and the professional experiences. I know I will be ready to tackle anything that’s thrown at me.

Kaylee Horchak

Kaylee's Story

To being able to start here, go toward my internships, and then take everything and put it toward a big NFL team, has been phenomenal.

Danielle Cardona

Danielle's Story

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