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Study Abroad

Explore the world as you prepare for your future.

Widener. Worldwide.

Explore the World

Broaden your horizons by studying away - either abroad or domestically.

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A Diverse Campus

You'll be welcomed into a community that hails from 49 states and 22 countries.

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International Study Abroad Programs

Whether it’s a semester-long experience studying at another university, or a week-long faculty-led trip between semesters, these international experiences are bound to be transformational. 

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National Student Exchange Programs

You don't have to travel internationally to immerse yourself in a different culture or benefit from the experiences of travel. If global study is not possible for you at this time in your academic program, consider one of our options through the National Student Exchange.

Student Perspectives

I was walking down the streets of Chongqing, China when I suddenly realized just how far away from home I was. My Study Abroad opportunities (also London and Paris) were transformative experiences which I will always remember and cherish!
Evan Davis
Class of 2021 & 2022
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Student Perspectives

Widener has helped me take my academics and what I’ve learned in classes and apply it not just in the Chester community, but to the whole world in general.
Hannah Berard
Class of 2022
Undergraduate | Bachelor's in Social Work; Bachelor's in Psychology
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Student Perspectives

I’ve never felt unsure about what the next steps of dental school were. I always had professors guiding me along my way.
Zan Usmani
Class of 2021
Undergraduate | Biology/Pre-Dental
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Student Perspectives

Every study abroad trip, every internship opportunity, every volunteer event, every class is contributing to me not only being a better person, but better in business. The world of business today requires us to be globally active.
Jessica Feoli
Class of 2021
Undergraduate | International Business Major, Spanish Minor
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Student Perspectives

Widener has exposed me to opportunities that forever shaped my life. Now, as a well-traveled entrepreneur with a young but growing business, I am excited to see how Widener University is still preparing graduates toward a path of excellence.
Markevis Gideon
Class of 2010
Undergraduate | Accounting and Computer Information Systems
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Global Engagement