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Angela M. Corbo

Angela M. Corbo

Chair of Communication Studies

An active and ongoing research agenda perpetuates knowledge that is meaningful to society and memorable to students in the classroom. My research focuses on communication pedagogy, ethical journalistic reporting in cases of suicide, emotional intelligence, gendered communication, and interactive interdisciplinary research. The topics of research are connected by interpersonal communication theories and application.

Edwin Dauber

My research focuses on application of machine learning to digital privacy and security. My dissertation was on applying stylometry - the study of style - to identifying the authors of collaborative documents and programs. I am interested in continuing research in applications of stylometry, but also in expanding to other applications of machine learning.

Joseph A. Fischbach

I am involved in pedagogical research related to advanced-level undergraduate computer science courses, focusing on simulations and active learning strategies. I routinely attend conferences on computer science education and their affiliated workshops. 

My earlier research was in the area of programming language theory. It involved crafting formal specifications of program transformations and optimizations as well as the mathematical proofs verifying the safety and correctness of those specifications.  

Amy Franzini 260x300

I research the intersections between children, parents, and the media. This research varies from studying children's television content to helping parents use media as teachable moments with their children.

Yana Kortsarts

Yana Kortsarts

Chair of Digital Media Informatics

My research includes studies on the integration of mathematical reasoning into computer science curricula, development and integration of innovative teaching approaches that aim to improve the learning process and enhance the comprehension of the study materials, evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of the proposed techniques, curricular development issues related to core introductory programming courses, interdisciplinary courses, courses for non-majors, and elective courses for computer science and information systems majors.

Jeffrey Rufinus

My research interests are in the fields of high performance computing, nanoscience and nanotechnology, magnetism, and computational physics. Basically, my passion is to use the computational power to help calculate physics phenomenon on a very small scale (e.g. nanoscale).

Timothy Scepansky

Timothy Scepansky

Assistant Teaching Professor of Communications

My research areas of interest include service learning in the communication studies curriculum and digital media production with emphasis on aesthetic impact. Employing service learning pedagogy in the communication studies curriculum provides for unique opportunities for learning, becoming civically engaged, and opportunities for communication work product to impact and inform wider audiences.

I have studied, researched, and presented a paper on the impact of the Steadicam aesthetic in film storytelling and more recently have been researching and studying the use and impact of drone cinematography in television and film production.