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Kerri C. Brannen

My research interests are related to organizational behavior and human resources with specific interests in emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, social intelligence, and leadership, which are all areas that have current relevance to researchers and practitioners.  More recently, I have found that the cultural intelligence field is such an emerging area that there are many opportunities to create new research streams that I believe I will be focusing more on in the future. Additionally, I have become interested in online social networks and their implications for expatriates and repatriates.  

Amin Keramanti

In general, exploring and developing new mathematical, statistical, and machine learning approaches to solve transportation, supply chain and logistics complex problems are among my current and future research objectives. Moreover, I am open to conduct cutting-edge research ideas including those involving multi-discipline expertise to come up with new perspectives and solutions to existing complex problems. Relevant areas of my current and future research include: data mining & statistical analysis, decision-making supported by big data, transportation network analytics, project scheduling problems, machine learning algorithms for smart manufacturing, and accident analysis.

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Donna W. McCloskey

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs in the School of Business Administration

My research can be broadly characterized into three main streams: technology acceptance, work boundary/telecommuting and pedagogical work related to high impact practices (HIP) and curriculum design.  Working with colleagues, industry practitioners and student partners I have recently explored the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the home, the impact of mobile technology on work and life satisfaction, how consumers assess honest reviews in online marketplaces, the evolving work-life boundary and how to embed career preparation in the business curriculum.  My work has been published in numerous journals including the Journal of End User ComputingEnterprise Operations ManagementInformation Resources Management JournalJournal of Information Systems Education, and Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations. Additionally, I have written more than nine book chapters and presented my research at national and international conferences.